ORC - Week 3. In the Trenches.

Good Morning my friends and I hope you know what is happening here... ORC, yes, the One Room Challenge, that I for one (and my family) are very grateful for.  There is the slight (real) chance that if it weren't for Linda, no room in our home might be complete!  

Let me just say right now, up front ... this has been a BEAR of a week!  Week 3 is the down and dirty ... the okay, this isn't working, this will never be done in time, what on earth was I thinking?? Yep, that kind of week.

PLUS ... I am headed off to HighPoint TOMORROW.  If you follow me on IG you saw the pretty photo of my bedroom, drawers and clothes on the floor, me trying to find anything suitable to wear to HPMKT while my armoires are in a half painted state.  I feel like we are both (me and the armoires)  are in trouble!

But then these arrived ... yes, these little lovelies that will be gracing all the doors in the bedroom.  Ooh La La they caused a large sigh of happiness when I opened the boxes.  

I will give my husband HUGE kudos for letting me do my thing in here.  I absolutely (seriously) considered him, showed him the plan and got his buy off ... I think because I am not making it TOO girly, he is on board with the few "glam" things I am bringing in like these knobs. 

So that means ...  a little mirror action, some glass, some gloss, some scrumptious antique brass and lots of texture ... makes this girl squeal with delight!! (ha ha ... no weirdness here!)

That is about it my friends, thanks for checking in ... 

So while I have to go get packing, check out all the other Link UP fabulousness happening this Thursday!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.