Giving Back ... and a Thankful Heart.

Thanksgiving Week is here and as we all scurry about getting ready for our families and friends to gather together for a wonderful meal and time together, I felt it was a great time to share with you the story of ArtLifting.  

Beacon Hill by Dante Gandini

I am humbly moved by Liz Powers, who as a college student,  wrote a thesis which explored the social benefits of art therapy programs. After she graduated, she created art groups in women's shelters in Cambridge, Mass. She realized that there were many great art therapy programs in Boston, but the missing piece was an equally empowering method for the artists to share their artwork. (verbiage taken from the ArtLifting website)

Jungle Soul by Laurie Kammer

She began by hosting an annual show and marketplace for members of several shelters to be able to sell their artwork.  The show was a success but she didn't stop there.  She and her brother Spencer started ArtLifting to provide a professional marketplace year round for the artists.  And expanded to include artists in hospitals, disability centers as well as shelters.

Children under a Poui Tree by Mikal Baksh

ArtLifting was born.  A a social enterprise for homeless, disabled, and other disadvantaged artists.  They are driven by their mission and see to empower the artists by providing a professional gallery where they can sell their work. 

Untitled 21 by Scott Benner

I learned about ArtLifting through Grange Furniture at the Boston Design Center.  I applaud them for supporting and introducing ArtLifting to me.  They currently are exhibiting a number of the pieces in their showroom and it is quite moving.  The money they make helps them begin to create a better life for themselves as well as buy new art supplies to continue their work.

Thank you Meg and Rachel, Grange Showroom Managers at the Boston Design Center, for reaching out and supporting the arts in our area and helping empower so many to move forward to a better life for themselves.

As you and I are searching for a special to gift this Holiday Season or to use in designing a space  ... why not make it an opportunity to help someone at the same time, consider the art created by those who have found it to heal and support them through very turbulent times in their life.  

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.