Horse Lovin' ... for Nancy!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

For taking the time to let me know what you want to see from me and my blog ... I have several new ideas that sprung up from YOU!  That's what I am talking about!!

Today is a quick post ... For Nancy!

She's a Horsey Girl.  I am Not.  They are pretty, I drive by them everyday ... pretty lucky ... but they don't do it for me.

Just snapped these photos yesterday at Carter Dayton Home, a New Kid on the Block in Wellesley.  I am quite in love with them.  Hoping to bring a little interview and more photos from the shop soon!!

So ... Nancy ... for your next Dinner Party:

Oh, another thing I forgot to mention about blogging.  I have had the pleasure of getting to know people so well (without meeting them ... it is a little stalkerish) that I think about them when I shop.  As in this room, my head says ... "oooh, Nancy would just love this!!"

And I don't EVER pass a blue and white piece of ANYTHING without thinking of Jennifer!