ORC - The Illusion!

Week TWO ... The Illusion Begins! Thanks for stopping by to see how We are All progressing with our ORC ... If you are new, Click HERE to see my Inspiration Office, My Mood Board ... and where this all began!

I like pretty things ... as most of us do.  These are the most UN-Pretty photos I have ever posted.  Forgive me ... but the Reality is Harsh and Ugly!

This Wall ... started cluttered. I have now cleaned it ... Pretty, huh?

Okay, I really just piled everything up in the workout area.  Who has time for working out???

If I was as good/motivated/had the tools/as cute/ as Linda ... I would have built this room myself.  However, I am none of those ... so let me introduce you to my Heroes Paul and Joe!

Here is where the Illusion is going to come in.   

This is the UNFINISHED basement.  I have no intention of Finishing it in the Standard Sense.  I ONLY have SIX weeks, okay????

Kind of blurry but the BOYS were moving like the speed of Light for me!

I am Creating a SPACE.  Kind of like a Movie Set.
This is where my Illusion begins!  

The boys are giving me my BackDrop

BackDrop Framing almost complete.

Wall Panels Going IN!

The Most Beautiful Site all Day!!  12 Feet of Raw Plywood!
Waiting to be dressed!

Okay ... Ready for the Pretty?

I toyed with WallPaper ... but again, this is my Illusion.  I don't want to put that kind of money into this Wall.

So I went on a Bargain Fabric Hunt.  

Metallic Zebra Print ...

A Good Giraffe, a little more subtle ... 

AHHH ... Cheetah in UltraSuede ...

Un-Uh, No Way Hosea.  This price was NOT an illusion. Moving On!

Here's what I have ended up with.  Nice Cotten with a little textural weave giving it a GrassCloth Look!  I do love the Animal Print ... but I really do know when to STOP the Madness!!

Purchased for $7.99/yard and a little Trim @$1.99/yard. 
Yes, Wainscoting for my BackDrop!

Thank you for Living through the Ugliness with me and Keeping me focused to DO something with MY space!!

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