Trays and CowGirl'n Up!

I have been on the hunt ... for a good Tray!  We have all seen them, they seem to be everywhere in magazines and online pinterest boards, except for when I NEED one!!  I am working with a client in her Living Room/Study and have been searching for the right LOOK!  I looked at Brimfield, I looked at Scott's ... I was trying to find beauty at a good price.  I was NOT finding what I wanted.  
Then ... as I was scouring the internet on Saturday I came across this one at Neiman Marcus Home.  A little more expensive than I wanted ... but after searching and finding nothing I was starting to like this deal.

Then yesterday I had a moment to hit the Boston Design Center ... looking for fabrics, but had to take a spin in one of my favorite Accessory Places ... and will you take a look at the TRAYS and TEXTURES I found at FURN & CO!

I decided I could probably use a bone inlay BOX as well ... 

Then there was TEXTURE ... not just BONE!

I have a particular love for the square ones!

The Ostrich like Leather was SPOT ON!

Another BOX ... in Chevron ... Yes, Please!

I am looking for a Client, I have to keep reminding myself ... but I'd really like to take this one home.

Perfect for my Sun Room Re-do ... but it stayed put ... I will probably visit it ... often!

Lucite ON Lucite.

And here ... in EMERALD ... yes, the Pantone Color of the Year ... Right now, Right Here on your TRAY!

I had to take a break ... I have been looking for trays for a month and then today I went on Tray OVERLOAD.  I couldn't have been happier.  

I was getting hungry ... this kind of hunt makes me famished ... I need to re-fuel. But the thing about the BDC is there is only ONE restaurant ... Au Bon Pain.  And before you can get in there you pass the Ralph Lauren Showroom.  Well ... one doesn't eat until we have taken a SPIN through here.  

This is what hit me today ... a LUCITE Bull Head ... and nothing to feel guilty about with this one!

This brought out my Inner CowGirl. Mostly because of the  Fringe!

Yes, Leather Fringe ... I am completely satisfied.

Back to the reality of my Day!

After all the Tray Love ... I still believe the NM Home one is the Winner and happy that it is on order and we are moving on!

Happy Hunting ... what is on your List?