Gone to the Birds ...

I love them ... I don't know why ... I don't like birds really.  But birdcages ... old birdcages ... suck me in.  I have one in my house.  People question me.  Where are your birds?  


Don't you want a plant or something in there?  My MIL thinks I need some greenery, she doesn't understand my love of old things.  But she is a treasure trove ... she brings me wonderful old things from her home.  She doesn't have to go to the dump ... just brings me the stuff and I couldn't be happier!!  

Bunny Williams
Do you want a bird? 

Elizabeth Street Antiques

I just like them. For some reason they appeal ... they are interesting.  With birds, you'd have to clean them ... ewww. Without birds, they just look pretty.  I like pretty!!


I have dogs ... I don't need anything/one to clean up after.  I just like them.  Remember this when I was thinking about the chickens?  Well thank the Lord, I came to my senses.  I am just investing in birdcages.  Well, Only One.  My family doesn't get that either ... but much better than the real thing.  Besides, I think my Dogs would have eaten those precious chickens!!