Lake Livin' Part II

Our second home tour on the Lake ... what appears to look like an old "camp" house turned out to be nothing of the sort once we stepped into the door!

Lots of windows brought in so much natural light ... quite the contrast to the dark exterior.

All of the rooms facing the water had these gorgeous floor to ceiling windows ... 

More windows in this office space. I probably would not get much work done here!

Overlooking the dock ... 

White Walls and a Dark Ceiling made it very light and warm.

A guest or child's bedroom with fun headboards ... 

Made out of cork!

Another gander at the dark planked ceilings!

We entered on the second floor ... then down to the main living space closer to the Lake.

Very modern, the furniture not quite as cozy warm as the first one but cool just the same!

The stained concrete floors make for great lake house floors.  No maintenance and you can't hurt them in any way!!

Part of our crew taking over the place!  Two sliding Wooden Doors close off the living space from the Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom.

Love the framed Black and White Photos hung on Wire.

View from the Master Bathroom ... 

First impression of the Master Bath leaves me feeling a little COLD!! ... and nervous!

Toward the left to the Shower ... better ... 

Back to the Right ... I don't know ... a little torturous to me!!

Master Bedroom ... a little more welcoming than the Bath!

Back down the hall to the kitchen ... still lovin' the windows!

Passing the Living Area ... 

 Up a couple of stairs to the kitchen ...

Love the separate refrigerator and freezer!

Back up and out we go ... 

House Hunting ... Model Homes ... They all bring new ideas and thoughts about Design ... 
Did you get any ideas you might use?

Enjoy your Weekend!