Knee Deep in Projects ...

My favorite place to be!

I have been working with a family of 5 ... 3 precious girls and their parents!  Alot has been happening at their house ... we have been dealing with contractors, tile people, painters, furniture and fabric issues ... and the endless assortment of other issues that come up when you are doing an addition and renovation.  Summer is here.  Good, they can take a break and get away!  Bad, we don't want the contractor taking a break and getting away!

Kitchen Inspiration:

Mrs. has been carrying this sample around with her for YEARS!  It makes her happy.  She has been afraid that it is dated and she should move on.  It is definitely a pattern we all know ... and I do happen to love.  And if you have seriously been carrying around this sample for 10 years ... I hardly suggest we ditch it and look for something else!!

So Cowtan and Tout will be our kitchen window treatment and set the tone for the rest of the house!  The lights are being made ... remember my trip to Portsmouth?

Butcher Block wood top for the island ... Walnut ... Cherry ... Maple?

Definitely removed the maple ... too boring and no OOMPH!

Considering the herringbone "picture" over the Stove.

The Green and White Fabric is for the custom pendant lights.  Giving our Pastorale a little update!  And  the Winner IS ... WALNUT!  I am emphasizing this because I know this has been a tough choice for the Mrs.  And it is RIGHT!!  Bringing what I call "grounding" into the kitchen.

Around the corner is the family room ... we chose the paint color here.  Sofa, rug and window treatments all to be installed in two weeks ... can't wait to show you how family friendly and warm this is going to be!!

Busy week, things are happening! ... hope you have a good one!