Design Delivered ...

Our on-line design plan allows for something very simple or a whole house ...

 It is your call and Kim Macumber Interiors ... Delivers!!

Design Delivered came about for several reasons ... 

1.  Sometimes you just need a confirmation of what you need to do.
2.  Sometimes you just don't know how to get started.
3.  Sometimes you need a push in the right direction.
4.  Sometimes it's a small project and you just want it done.
5.  Sometimes it is a big project and you just need a plan!

 ... and Sometimes ... your husband says ... "Get this Done!"

Design Delivered helps all this and more! 

Here's how this one went down:

Lisa:  Help!  I don't know what to do with my kitchen bay windows.  We like the light but in the summer the sun is just way too bright at dinner time and my husband is threatening to put up roller shades!

KMI:  There are several options for bay windows ... but I do suggest keeping it simple and not too fussy!  Also, some color would be a nice pop on that wall.

Lisa:  What do I put there?

KMI:  Some beautiful inside mount roman shades will provide the shade and the fabric will brighten up the area and won't take away from the natural light ... when you want it!

Lisa:  How do they hang?  Can we do this?

KMI: We take care of that for you! We will help you measure and give you instructions on how to install.  It really is simple!

With simple measurements and final fabric choices you too, can go from this ...

to this ...

We ended up finding a great Red/White fabric at Forsyth's in Atlanta and used that a little more cost effectively than the Kravet Inspiration Fabric.  The Kitchen is Very Happy ... 

And so is the Mr. when the shades are down, he can eat without the sun in his face and can save on a little electricity in the summer!

I always try to throw in a little extra punch ... so I suggested a lighter and more whimsical chandelier ... We'll see if Mr. buys into that one ... but for now ... Problem solved.

Oh how I love a good window treatment!!  Happy Dining Sweet Family!