Swan Song ... so to speak!

Please don't think I am going sappy ... but there is this fabulous Audobon property near our home and the things that happen there are amazing.  There is this particular area of water with chopped off dead trees that looks like a hurricane came through.  However, I have no idea if this is the result of a hurricane or how it came to be.  

This is mom, keeping the nest tidy for her family. 

Last year there were Heron nests up high in the dead trees.  This year a pair of swans made it their home.  The place they chose to have their family. 

Dad is taking the little ones out for a swim.

Mom has finished her chores and swims briskly out to catch up with her babies.

Looking for good snacks for the kids!

For the past 6 weeks cars have stopped along the roadside to take photos and just admire these creatures that mate for life and take care of their little ones.  

A wonderful sight of nature and beauty.

Their presence has been a gift and made this stretch of road a wonderland.

I have taken all the kids and made them get out of the car and take notice.  They think I am weird.  Isn't that what they are supposed to think anyway?

An unexpected gift.

There were originally 8 babies.  Now there are only six.

Like all parents they are doing their best to keep them all safe.  At least we don't have to worry about hawks and snapping turtles.

Have a wonderful weekend and take in the sights along the road!