Day Trip ... Lighting Adventure!

I love a good road trip ... and today my sweet client Sarah and I headed up the coast to Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  On a mission for lighting!

Tucked away in a very unassuming little strip (corner) mall was a tile shop.  And in the tile shop some very creative designers were involved in some really creative design!

Drum shades are all the rage and Kimberlee McCue has got it going on ... the lights, that is!  She can create any size, fit any space and make it personal.  She doesn't have a website up yet ... but contact her at if you want her to help design something special for you.

Sarah and I are looking for some fun one of a kind drum pendants for her new kitchen.  What we found was inspiring and on the money!

And Kimberlee has partnered with Bridget Bleckmann, creator of Penumbra Textile, who designs and locally produces some fabulous fabric for Kimberlee's lamp shades or anything else you can imagine.  Including Outdoor Furniture.  You can reach Bridget at

If that isn't enough right brain activity for you ... they have a third artist Hope Murphy, creator of Fuzing!, a fuzed glass company that can take any photograph ... from her stock or yours and fuze it onto a glass sconce ... or anything else your little heart desires! You can find Hope at

Hope also has a beautiful line of glass and decorative metal hardware.

This little purple lampshade is going to be the prototype of Sarah's new kitchen island pendants.  Wait till you see the fabulousness!!

Back home, back to reality, and wondering why I didn't think of any of this myself?  Certainly glad these three ladies have come into my life!