Bring in the Clams at Brimfield!

Large Clamshells have had a starring role for a while in decorating... I do love the look, but sometimes start to shy away from something because it seems so normal or expected.  Then, with the clamshell ... I still snoop around for a good buy and see if I can't incorporate one in my life in some way.  Here's the deal, the real ones, like this one, are pricey.  Brimfield was selling large ones for $600 - 800.00.  A little  (lot!) more than I want to pay!

While looking for something "new" this weekend I came across this absolutely drop - dead gorgeous Fan Coral ... It was exactly what I have been looking for to replace the clamshell urge.  I had it all planned in my head.  I bet they'll negotiate, it is late on Saturday and dealers are starting to pack up.  

My head was wrong ... price tag: $900.00.  No deals.  I had to leave it there, I hope it finds a warm home and will stunningly grace a sideboard somewhere and be happy!  It just won't be mine!!

So ... I have moved back to the clamshell!

Look how fun for a summer bar set up ...
Elle Decor

This is my favorite way to use a shell ... for a  floral display on a dining room table or sideboard.  I think the natural roughness is a beautiful contrast to a traditional polished wood piece of furniture.

Coastal Living

So, would you pay this money ... or would you opt for the Ballard Designs Resin look alike for $129.00??  Fake and reasonable, or real and pricey?