One of my favorite "new" Mid-Century Modern Designers is Jonathan Adler ... hands down.

Last week I posted a photo of Don, circa 1968 and touched base on the new era of Mid-Century Modern. I am intrigued and want to explore it a little more.  Design, like Fashion, comes and goes ... nothing is really new anymore.  Just re-worked.  Here are some of my favorite NEW things:

And here's one of my favorite things to do.  Making it new again. The re-creation of this room.

All Images ... Jonathan Adler.  Something so old is new again and has a catchy label ... MCM!  Okay, I couldn't re-create the carpet.  I just can't go there!!

Here are a few shots of JA's store on Newbury Street in Boston ... very fun ... and will make you smile!

Here's to taking something old and making it new again!!