Design Center Therapy

It is Wednesday ... and I have so much to do that my ADD is in full swing ... I spent last night trying to organize my thoughts, my day, my to do list, my taxes, the laundry ... it was just too much!

But here's what got me through it.  I spent the day at the Boston Design Center ... a veritable feast for my eyes and fingers (yes, I touch everything!).

I am gifting you only one image today ...

Suzanne Kasler for Lee Jofa.  Frantic, yet calm.  Colorful, yet serene (I am working on calm and serene). Ready for Spring, but not yet in Full Bloom.  This made me smile when I flipped one of the large boards and it sprang to life for me!  I will be looking for a place to use this ... let me know if you have any ideas!

Happy Wednesday ... hope you find your inspiration and that one vision that keeps you moving forward today!