Red. Stop One on the Rainbow.


The Color of Love.  No wonder Red is the first color of the Rainbow.  Evoking emotions of passion, willpower, sexuality ... and also rage, anger and aggression.  Red is emotionally intense ... in one direction or the other! 

I tend to want to change room colors alot because I love the experiment in it all ... but if you find yourself really looking to change a color in your home, listen carefully to yourself.  You may need a mood change.  The Red Room above was one of my favorites and was such a comforting and cozy room to retire to each evening.  However, some people under alot of stress or easily agitated may not find this same solace.  Each stage in our lives bring different emotional needs.  Do you ever wonder why little girls LOVE pink rooms and then as they approach their tween age they want something different. It is not just because they are fickle!!  At that age, generally, emotions run high and Pink begins to become a little irritating and no longer happy and restful. 


Balance is also key ... this room is completely wrapped in Red, but the furnishings are neutral and full of texture.   Gold on the ceiling brings warmth, evoking the feel of sunshine and sheer JOY!

So next time you want to change a color of a room, ask yourself not only the "use" of the room, but how do you want it to make you "feel".  And don't be surprised if this changes over time!

Design is not just about making beautiful spaces ... more importantly it is about creating a "well" space for you and your family for health and happiness.


Style My Faucet!

Back in January (where did the time go?) I was invited to KBIS 2017 in Orlando by Modenus and I have to say, I had no idea what inspiration would come from this show.  I am still referring to and using products that Modenus introduced me to and I daresay, my clients have been the biggest recipients of all this goodness!  And now I can officially call myself a #designhound.  Yep.  I like that!

I was asked to try out a faucet and give it a review for you.  For over 140 years American Standard has merged beauty, performance and eco-friendly design to improve the lives of people and the well being of our planet.  And I am thrilled to be able to bring their philosophy and beautiful products to my clients.

There is no better way to update a bathroom, than a new faucet!  I chose the American Standard Townsend Widespread Faucet and it was exactly what we needed to add the final fresh touch to this Powder Room Re-do!

Screenshot 2017-10-08 15.46.46.png

You know that one of my favorite things is to combine old and new ... giving an old piece of furniture new life in this bathroom as a vanity.  We added the carrara marble to the top with a little detail on the backsplash to match the curves of the vintage chest.


Thibaut Wallpaper gave a playful but very neutral backdrop.  Adding chrome and black in the light fixtures which work perfectly with our chrome Townsend Widespread Faucet.  I love to learn how products are imagined before they are produced.  The Townsend was inspired by the Manhattan Bridge.  I can see it ... can you?


The clean lines of the Townsend work beautifully in a transitional space and the water flow is perfect, keeping it strong enough to scrub those dirty hands yet saves water!


All images (besides the one from American Standard's website) are by Emily O'Brien.

This post is sponsored by American Standard Brand who has provided me with the Townsend Faucet.  All reviews and opinions are my own and my client’s.


Summer Escape.

As you know, this summer has been about change.  We sold #KMIProjectDownSize and now live in #KMIProjectRental.  We actually love the rental ... size is great, I love having a patio that looks over the trees and the dogs have a wonderful place to roam.  The frustrating part?  I really can't do much.  I did participate in the One Room Challenge where I transformed my #KMIProjectRental Dining Room.  Truly the only room I have done anything with other than paint. And although the landlords really don't care what I do, it seems a bit crazy (which I am) to do more than this.  

I continually remind myself ... it is a rental. it is a rental. it is a rental.  I have to repeat that daily!

In the meantime, this summer has been KMI's busiest ever.  And what I discovered will surprise you.  I found time to do something for "me".  I work 24/7, that is not a complaint, it is just that the majority of my clients work full time and that means nights and weekends for personal meetings and all of the prep and design happens during the work week days.

This year I carved out Wednesday mornings for myself.  A never before imagined possibility.  I joined my Mother In Law, Alice and her friend Jean in a Ladies 9-hole golf league. Not only have I wanted to play the game better, but I also desperately needed time outside, in the sunshine (or the rain, as several Wednesday's treated me with!).  I proudly wore my golf tan legs with my sandals :)


In the midst of this carving out time for myself, I found I have been more productive in my work zone and my time has been more carefully managed.  

Don and I have also embraced our rental, having a break from daily house and yard maintenance has given us some freedom to reflect where we want to go next, where our dream of living will guide us.  We have taken a few trips to Portsmouth, NH and Portland, ME to discover not only the locations, but how we feel in these places.  We have even been found poking around Boston, something that neither of us thought might be an option.  Our rental has this beautiful little outdoor patio overlooking a pasture and trees ... and the most wonderful sunset every evening.  


We found ourselves sitting here every night that it didn't rain.  This has proven to be a nightly respite from busy days and a place that we have the opportunity to talk with one another about our day, our goals, and our dreams.  I recently verbalized that although we haven't taken any exotic, or even, not so exotic, vacations this summer ... I have had a summer vacation kind of feeling.  Busy, but relaxed.  Productive, but not frantic.  And blessed with a beautiful view to end each and every day.  

And while the Summer has had a little respite, Fall is banking up to be busy, busy!  I hope you will come visit us at The Junior League of Boston Show House opening October 7 (my birthday!!) and also for the Heading Home To Dinner Cocktail Party on October 12.