Heading Home To Dinner. The Front Porch.

Today's post is a little sentimental and reflective ... all to set the tone of my Instagram takeover I am doing TODAY!!!  Please follow along @headinghometodinner ... and join me in one of my favorite rooms.  The Front Porch!

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As a child I spent summers with my Grandmother "Nanny" in Greenville Alabama. It was hot. HOT. And I began to understand the slow pace of the South during this time.  The heat was sometimes stifling, and I learned to sit.  STILL.  Today my family frequently chats about each of our personalities and who does what best.  I always come out with being a great Visitor.  You know, I like to sit and visit.  Anytime.  And the best visiting?  Is done on the Front Porch.

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After walking with my Pop Pop through his garden where he showed me, with pride, all the summer bounty taking place right in his backyard, we would all retire to the Front Porch. I loved the feeling on that porch.  Sitting in the wicker chairs with cushions worn out from use and so comfortable.  Everyone would start to relax, not saying much at first.  Then it was almost like breathing, thoughts started to be vocalized and meander over topics ... my favorite part was when my Great Aunt came over ... and the gossip started!  All in good fun, and generated smiles and laughter.  I hated for those nights to end.

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This October, Heading Home To Dinner, Boston's first ever dine-by-design event, featuring tables and bar carts created by Boston designers, in support of Heading Home's mission to end homelessness in our local communities, by working to secure permanent housing for families in need.

You guessed it ... my bar cart theme is "The Summer Cart" and it has everything you need to sit and enjoy the slow pace of a hot summer evening on the Front Porch.  The only thing I won't bring is the jug of Vick's vapor Rub that my great aunt used to rub me down with.  In case you didn't know, mosquitos won't come near the stuff.  Neither will anything/anyone else!

Please join us for several fun opportunities ... get your tickets


2017 Junior League of Boston Designer Show House.

If I didn't go for it now, I might possibly never do it.  That is what I told myself when the call for designers for the 2017 Junior League of Boston Designer ShowHouse went out.  What better time for me?  Since I cannot do anything I want to do in #KMIProjectRental, this is perfect for me ... Right?!

The 1853 William Flagg Homer House 

This is truly a dream job from a Designer's perspective, because you can do anything you want. ANYTHING.  Proposal submitted ... and then ... you WAIT!  I tend to not be very patient!  I have been doing a happy dance ever since the call came in! I am thrilled to have been chosen to design the Butler's Pantry for this beautiful, historical home.  You can bet on lots of color and pattern coming to this little space and I hope you can all come visit!

It is humbling to be among such a talented group of Designers, (see them all Here!)and from the sneak peeks that have been coming out, I promise you will not want to miss this!  Tickets are now on Sale ... get'em while they're HOT! and on sale!

Since its founding in 1906, JL Boston has committed itself to leading programs and initiatives that lift up the Boston community and its most vulnerable citizens. Monies raised at the Designer Show House ensure that JL Boston’s legacy of service will continue to grow.

"Both the Junior League of Boston and the Belmont Woman's Club have a long history of building the potential of women leaders in Greater Boston through community and educational initiatives,” says Pamela Lynch, President, Junior League of Boston. “This partnership is one that will leave a lasting impression. Using the stunning and historically significant 1853 William Flagg Homer House, which has ties to the renowned Winslow Homer, will be very special as Junior League of Boston supports the arts.” 

The Designer Show House is open to the public from Saturday, October 7 through Sunday, November 5. The house will be open Wednesdays through Sundays, including Columbus Day, Monday October 9, with additional special events during this time frame. The Homer House is located at 661 Pleasant Street, Belmont, MA. Tickets are $35 in advance, $40 after October 7. 

Thank you for following along my designer dream!  I'll be sharing some of my own sneak peeks over the next few weeks ... and hope to see you there in person!




ORC. Week Six. The Reveal!

Well my friends, this is it.  ORC Link Up is DONE.  If you are just checking in for the first time here, I have been part of a One Room Challenge Link Up orchestrated by Linda of Calling It Home.  I have said this time and again ... and will continue. Thank goodness for Linda, she makes me get things done in my own home! Every Wednesday for the past 6 weeks, there has been an Official ORC with 20 Designer/Bloggers taking a room from nothing to greatness.  Much to be learned here!  And then on Thursdays approximately 200 others of us have been doing the same.  I have to admit, I had it kind of easy comparatively.  We are in a rental for the next few years and I needed to make it mine.  My goal was to use everything I already own.  You can go Here if you want to start from the beginning.

I did add a few things.  Just a few.  Wallpaper, paint and two new lamps.  Not too bad I think! Hopefully you can gain a little insight if you are trying to work with what you have. Sometimes it just takes a couple of items to mix it up and make it all new.

So here we go ... Oh!  And thank you so much Emily O'Brien my wonderful and wonderfully patient photographer!

Flashback to February.  Move in Day. #KMIProjectRental begins.

There is a stone facade wall that is partly in our kitchen, partly in our dining room and my inspiration was the stone/gray color.  The colors are a little muted and blue toned for me so I decided to bring in a darker hue.

And this is when I found Gardenia Swirl in Noir from Root Cellar Designs.  I was a little nervous telling Don I wanted to slather flowers all over the dining room, but when he saw this he got it. Or, he gets me and said go for it.  Happy Dance!

Then I finally got up the nerve to paint my chairs.  This is hysterical to me.  I tell everyone on a daily basis to paint wood.  But I was paralyzed.  Now I am Free!!

Sherwin Williams - Iron Ore.  My color/flavor of the moment.  I have extra so watch out.

And this is when nature meets timing.  The lilacs were givers this year and being able to bring this bold purple hue into my space was truly a gift of God.

The two head chairs and chandelier are from Aiden Gray, one of my favorite vendors.  It is kind of funny, I am all about color.  But the soft brushed tones of Aiden Gray's French style furniture have always been appealing to me.  And here I get the mix.  Win - Win.  And Win - Win is no joke.  I was extremely lucky last year at HighPoint and won product.  I chose the two chairs and the chandelier.  I remember the day.  I had no idea where or when I would use these.  I chose what I loved.  And the love is returned!!

Everything in my room has a story.  

Even my newest purchase ... my Flambeau lamps from Lucas + McKearn.  They will always make me remember the day my friend Linda and I got to HighPoint early and just started walking through while vendors were still setting up.  I spotted these and knew they were the jewel I needed to complete my room. You know ... my Jack Rackham

I'll take this moment to circle back to my "pirate" theme ... It really wasn't about the pirates, but it is about the patina.  While I totally enjoyed watching Charles Vain and Jack Rackham on Black Sails, I really enjoyed their backdrop.  Everyone deserves a good backdrop!  

Now back to reality and day to day designing for others.  Which I have to say makes my heart sing.  There is more to be done, progress and fun to be had in #KMIProject Rental.  So I hope you stay tuned.  Although without Linda or my Girl Scout Leader Betty to hold me to task ... it might be slow!!


Now go check out all the amazing designs here!