Weekend ORC Warrior!

So this is TUESDAY... NOT the official ORC update day.  But the ORC is wrapping up this week with our final Reveal next Wednesday.  Well ... I need the extra time!!

And it was warm enough to bring out the Spray Paint!

Last week, Alice and I trekked up to Essex to do a little antiquing.  We had a ball ... more to come on Friday about our Day.

But for now ... I found this little bamboo table base.  Without a top.  Exactly what I was looking for.

Sneaking a peek at how well it works ... but it is yucky dark brown.

I am thinking a Glossy Black will be much better. 

First time I have EVER spray painted in the Snow!!  But it was close to 50 outside and the sun was shining.  I was in business!!

Check back tomorrow to see how Fab this looks!

And then, there is this ... 

You are witnessing my downfall.  I cannot pass up a good magazine.  Well ... those days are over.  

Yep, this is a December BH issue ... not even out of the plastic yet!

I found some good storage and Will NOT renew any of my subscriptions until these are all read and pages appropriately torn out because there is something I like.  

This is my Promise.  I Promise.

Next I tackled the back of the Beast.  I told you I wanted to kick it up a notch.  I also told you I am NOT over Chevron.  So here it is.  A paper Runner from the Paper Source.  It just didn't have quite enough definition for me. 

Out comes the Navy Blue Sharpie.  Yep.  I am much happier!

I have not finished scraping the paint off yet.  I did get new razor blades.  But the Chevron is UP!

Please come back tomorrow to see how this weekend brought my Illusion Closer to My Reality!



Snow Break ... and a breath of Fresh Air!

The kids' Winter Break was last week and we snuck off for a little time in the NH mountains.

When we first arrived ... I was in this mode ... I'd rather have the SunShine and Beach!

But then look at this ... It was a pretty Stunning Day and it's nice to have us all together without X-Box and sports activities!

 A litte Country Farm Bed and Breakfast around the Corner offered some fun sites for me to photograph ... 

I love a Good Stack!  Look at the textures and colors all buried in this pile of wood!

What most see as Brown. I know you can see the details with me ... 

Gray, red, brown, orange, black, gold ... all forming a gorgeous neutral palate!

Which got me thinking about the birch's in my In-laws backyard.  Way back when, they said I could have one.

So this weekend seemed the perfect opportunity.

Don thought I was whacked ... perhaps.  But My Sweet Brother in Law was ready to amuse me!!

My Own beautiful Stack ... Ready to be packed up!

Ali was Paul's helper ... and put up with me!

Great time skiing with family ... 

And Yes, I went Right.  
At the Sign.  
Off to Conquer the Illusion!!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share our surroundings for the past few days.

Please check back in tomorrow to witness The Illusion coming to life!



The Wall of Illusion ... ORC Week 3!

One Thing I'll Say about Linda and the ORC.  She gets her ORC'ers Ready, Committed ... and Motivated.  Good Thing. Because the Challenge is BIG and I needed the Push!

MY Illusion-Office is becoming a Reality.  Go Visit the Disaster To see How this all started!

About five years ago ... I got my own toolbox for Christmas.  I know, probably doesn't sound like much to the average girl.  One of my best presents ever!!  Don got tired of me stealing his tools ... well, now I don't have to, and DARE him to touch mine!

But I did swipe this air compressor.  
Woman with an Air Compressor and a Staple Gun.  
Don't get me MAD.

Last Week Paul and Joe built my Wall.  Now the fun part.  Since I chose this fabric, I need to prep the plywood.  Fabric straight on board is stiff and hard and doesn't look friendly.

So ... Batting up The Board.

Batting Hung.
Fabric Hung.
Trim Wainscoting Happening.

The Corners ... Taking Shape!

Up-Close Detail of trim and fabric.  I am thrilled with the "texture" of the fabric!


Crown Moulding.

We have some Wrinkles to be worked out.

Here's what is happening Behind the Wall:

ArtWork ... HomeMade
I NEED 2 Cheap & Fun Chandeliers ... HELP!
Painting The China Hutch - UGH!
Organizing ... hasn't even come into the Picture!

Go See what is happening with all My Other Creative ORC'ers!!