Red Carpet Day!

You know how some people feel about meeting Brad Pitt ... say, or George Clooney ... or I would have liked to meet Audrey Hepburn.  

Yesterday I met MY stars!!

Bunny Williams!  Y'all know how much I love her work.  Yes, I try to channel her in most of what I do.  The Reason I try to channel her?  

Because she Rocks ... obviously.  But also, she strives for "livable" interiors.  Beautiful, yes.  Attention to Detail, yes.  Mix of elements, yes.  But Mostly ... Livable!

Bunny was introducing some of her newest pieces of her BeeLine Furniture Line.  Tables and Lamps to DIE for ... plus much more!

I was BEYOND thrilled to be invited to hear Bunny chat about Interior Design and how she does business.  Seriously, it was like a CHAT.  She was most gracious and handled all of us Stalkers quite elegantly!!

She told us about her new line and how she is involved with every step of production.  Quality.  What I try to share with my customers ... buy ONCE ... quality ... and you will keep it FOREVER!

Her Lamps.  EXQUISITE!  Along with all the upholstered pieces.  Her Design matches her philosophy perfectly.  Stunning.  Detail Oriented. Classic.  Eclectic.  Traditional.  All of BeeLine Home.  It Did NOT disappoint.

And then ... as if I were truly on a Magic Carpet ... I met Erin ... y'all know her!!  Erin of Elements of Style Blog!

  What a doll ... cute as can be ... gracious to my Stalking ... and simply Fantastic.  It was bizarre, I was telling my friend about her new house, moving from the City to the Suburbs.  And then I stopped.  Mid-sentence.  Kind of scared myself.  I think she knows I'm a very positive stalker!!

What a perfect day!  and I have to say ... Thank you Thank you to Lee Jofa and the Boston Design Center for putting such a wonderful Aftenoon Soiree together for all of us!

Ahhh ... back to reality today ... Have a wonderful Weekend!



Yellow Bunny!

Yellow has always been a tough one for me.  I like it, it is happy and warm.  But I never really WENT for it.  

But then something happened.  This ShowStopper Room is very appealing.

Elle Decor ... I think!!!

 Let's break it down.  To the Ground.

The Uber Wide Yellow and White Rug ...  Perfection.

The Subtle Soft Blue Upholstery ...  Perfection.

Accents of Blue and White Chinoiserie ...  Perfection.

Just enough Dark Wood to feel Grounded ...  Perfection.

Clutter .... Not Hoarding ... Just Enough ... Perfection.

The Tall Ceilings.  I am extremely envious ... Perfection.

Bunny Williams Rocks the Yellow and I am a Believer!!

Fall is the time to bring in the Warmth of Yellow ...
 for a little ... Perfection!!



Gone to the Birds ...

I love them ... I don't know why ... I don't like birds really.  But birdcages ... old birdcages ... suck me in.  I have one in my house.  People question me.  Where are your birds?  


Don't you want a plant or something in there?  My MIL thinks I need some greenery, she doesn't understand my love of old things.  But she is a treasure trove ... she brings me wonderful old things from her home.  She doesn't have to go to the dump ... just brings me the stuff and I couldn't be happier!!  

Bunny Williams
Do you want a bird? 

Elizabeth Street Antiques

I just like them. For some reason they appeal ... they are interesting.  With birds, you'd have to clean them ... ewww. Without birds, they just look pretty.  I like pretty!!


I have dogs ... I don't need anything/one to clean up after.  I just like them.  Remember this when I was thinking about the chickens?  Well thank the Lord, I came to my senses.  I am just investing in birdcages.  Well, Only One.  My family doesn't get that either ... but much better than the real thing.  Besides, I think my Dogs would have eaten those precious chickens!!