Wallpaper. Feature. Wall.

Today is the official last day of school in our house.  Whew.  It was a long run.  I have been dreaming about summer since March when I started working with a client on a wallpaper feature wall.  

Zoffany - Flowering Tree

The colors are brilliant and the flowers and vines look hand painted.  The photo doesn't quite do justice to the feeling in person.  The flowers look real.  

That really says it all!

This wall needed some love.

Zoffany can do it.

Remember this Chair?

One side of the room was warm and cozy and the other a little cool feeling.  The picture frame moulding frames the wallpaper and makes it feel more special.  Almost like a screen.

Painted furniture is such an immediate and gratifying experience.  This piece was in the painter's barn.  My client liked it and bought it and had him paint it.  He wishes he he had kept it and painted it for himself.

Remember the other pieces we had painted?

A little wallpaper and paint = a whole lot of love!

Have you wallpapered anything lately?



Still in Progress ...

but worth showing the coming together of this beautiful living room ... 

Chairs have always been my obsession.  They are like shoes.  A woman can never have too many. Don has even threatened me ... NO more chairs ... whenever I walk out the door to an antique show or flea market.  So, while I still stalk the chairs ... I am discovering a new passion.  The Lamp.  You may have seen this lamp when I blogged about this chair, you can read about it here.  

While we are pulling this room together, we had an unexpected addition!  This piece of furniture ... found in a barn, needing some love, got painted to go in the bedroom.  Well ... take a look, it now has a starring role in the living room.  And it needs a good back drop, don't you think? So a paneled wallpaper feature is in the making.  This gorgeous Zoffany Wallpaper is about to be our Star.

Next, bring on the light.  I am about to do something that I don't normally do.  I am going to mix metals.  The lamp above is gold.  The pulls on this dresser are silver (very art deco and we didn't want to change them) so we are hanging silver sconces.

Do you like to mix?  This is new to me ... I am kind of a "purest"!  But I am feeling pretty good about my first intentional mix!!

Have a wonderful weekend ... hope you mix it up ... whatever you do!