MOC Update!

After being gone for about two weeks straight you can imagine being back home was a calming relief.  Until I started looking around at all my half-done projects! I started a little MOC several weeks ago ... I made a commitment to get my sunporch done.  Remember this is where Don and I LIVE!!  And the dogs ... when we first got the puppies everyone thought it was soooo cute when they got up on the furniture.  And they don't really lounge ... they sit and wander around ... NOT relaxing.

Then they got bigger ... I do NOT like sharing a sofa with 200 pounds of Dog.  And that does not include Murphy who lounges on the floor.

This commitment has come with some new rules ... no more animals on the furniture.  They seem to be pretty okay with it ... they do try to sneak back up on occasion!

Now that they are "semi-trained" I am moving forward.  

My inspiration fabrics had a little hiccup.  I love Zimman's in Lynn, Mass ... but you either buy it when you see it ... or cry when you go back and it is gone.  I have been crying.

I chose this for my ottoman.  When I committed and went back ... so sorry ... GONE!!

Plan B ... next up from Duralee

It has a little more shimmer and a more subtle colorway ... I think I am MORE than okay with Plan B.

Then my Inspiration Room Antique Toile ... also found at Zimman's.  Luckily I pulled the trigger on this the first time. 

Of course it has a LION in the print ... and I think there is an elephant as well ... but it went off to my workroom today.  So you will have to wait!  Don's chair has been stripped!! 

 First thing he asked when he came in the door ... what happened to my chair?  Making it better sweet MAN!  I have no idea why there is a football in the chair.

Also pillows to replace THESE ...

I can hear you gasp!  Yes, they are old, flowery, and dirty.  And why I ever chose them I have no idea.  Good thing we can fix these things!!

Fabric for slipcover not purchased yet ... I can only wrap my arms around a couple of things at a time here!

MOC is off the ground!



Happy Friday!!

What a whacked week with the Fourth of July on a Wednesday.  I don't know about y'all but it has really caused some commotion in our house!  It has been a busy week with client projects, the One Room Challenge, doing some of my own house spiffing up, Erin's work schedule is crazier than mine, Callie and Sammy are on Nantucket (what a life!) and Christopher's baseball team has made it to play offs ... this is all good, right??

So I escaped for a little eye candy and inspiration.  My local friends probably know about Zimman's in Lynn.  It is kind of a haul to get there ... but when I do get there I find it worth every minute it took.  Zimman's is HUGE for fabric ... but the upper two floors are full of fabulous and different furnishings.

Here are a few things that caught my eye.

French design, modern wood working, I'll take one.

But then, I would like this as well.

This reminds me of paper - maché

Pink, Pink, and more Pink

Birds in Pink.

Turquoise and Orange ... oh yeah!

An Orange Chandelier ... what would Don say?  Oh well ... no need to test that right now!

Looking forward to this weekend so I can get my routine back.  Sort of.  At least I will pretend to!