Feeling the Heat ... in Hot Springs!

Yes, it is one of my favorite weeks in the year ... the YaYa week!  And we are Road Tripping.  We are driving from Massachusetts to Alabama.  Why you ask? Well, my favorite people in the world and I ask you ... "why not?"!

In our quest to make life fun, we decided to stop along the drive at the Homestead in Hot Springs VA.  When I was in the hotel business, I visited ... it was probably 15 years ago at least.  And I started telling Callie about it and how fun it was, families vacationing "old style".  And one of my favorite memories was going to the Jefferson Pools that have been there for over 200 years and soaking in the 
"healing" waters of the baths.  

After an 11 hour drive on Day 1, it just seemed fitting that we begin our celebration with some bubbly!

Now Callie is an only child on this leg of the trip ... so she got to pick ... we started the day with yoga.  Thankfully the class was small and we were all pretty much beginners!

Then off to the Jefferson Pools BathHouse ... 

It looked just like I remembered and couldn't wait to have Callie and I put on the Rompers!

Then the note ... 

I told Callie of the beautiful older black woman who gave me my romper to put on and she told me how she made all the rompers for the guests.  
She is no longer there and I have to believe no one else wanted to take up that task in today's world. 
I was sad not to see her and I hope she felt my love today.

The Mineral Pools have never been proven to really be healing ... but they are certainly good for the soul.
I loved thinking about all the people that have come there before us looking for something.
I hope they left happy like we did.

I truly don't think much has been done here over the years and there was a terrific loveliness in that.

Our Dressing Room ... 

I love feeling history ... and I mean "feeling" history.  We spent about an hour here and when we walked out there was truly a feeling of peace.

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time. 



YaYa Weekend 2013 ...

1.  The Ya Ya tradition begins - 1997.
2.  Panama City Beach ... sugar sand ... can't get any better!
3. The Originals.
4.  Don's intro to the YaYa weekend.  He was a hold out.
5.  The Petites.
6.  YaYa Gifts.
7.  Pimento Cheese Sandwiches for the Beach. Yes, on white Bread. I know.
6.  Don and I celebrated our 9th Anniversary.
7.  Erin and Callie ... hip pose.

Life from Instagram.  Did you know that Instagram is the BIGGEST Data suck on your phone?  I just had to stop by Verizon and change my plan.  It's worth it, right?

Have a wonderful Weekend ... we are looking for a little heat relief ... what are you doing to stay cool this weekend?

Making the World More Beautiful. One Room at a Time.



A Day in the Life ...

I try to post my Travels on Fridays.  Sometimes I am in luxurious spots (thanks to my sweet husband who allows me to tag along when I can Ditch -Lovingly, the children!) and sometimes I have just as much fun Traveling in my daily routine!

Well, today is Not Friday ... but I was traveling yesterday!!

It was kind of special ... I had a lot on my plate!  Working with a precious young psychiatrist and we are creating a warm, inviting office for her to see and heal her clients.  It currently looks like this!!

Whoa, we have some work to do here!

While driving to see the office, I passed Wilson Farm in Lexington.  I had been there a year or so ago and loved it.  An old Farm Style grocery with fruit, flowers, fresh veggies.  It was 15 degrees outside yesterday.  FRIGID ... and Wilson Farm was warm and a such a treat for my senses ... 

Clearly I understand this is not "local" fruit ... but how beautiful on a cold day!

I checked out with flowers, tomato wraps, butternut squash and edamame.  Yum!  

Then off to another client's home to check out the tile she is considering for her new fireplace area.  I have to admit.  I would have NEVER chosen this tile.  I would have said ... Oh, no. This is for a backsplash.  She isn't that locked in ... she liked and said let's try it.

Well ... she rocked it!!  it is going to look amazing and fun!!  We just had her new Sconces hung over the mantel we found Here.  

Yes, the pink insulation is still showing ... we are putting on the finishing touches!  The mantel we found here.

Then home for some layouts and plans ... 

I Really didn't make any Resolutions this year.  But I did make myself a promise.  To try and slow down and enjoy my days.  Yes, they are busy and things need to get done.  But I don't have to be so frantic.  

I kept my promise ... for one day anyway ! How are you being true to yourself ... today?