Nail Art ...

No, not what you are thinking ... but this.

As we continued our trek through Alabama, we stopped here.
Look at the nail line up.
Can you imagine the person that did this?
Such precision.
Rows and Rows.
Pride in Workmanship.
This person must be an artist.

You will never guess.

This was the inside of one of the oldest remaining log jails, circa 1868, in Alabama..
To keep the prisoners from sawing their way out,
the wood beams were lined with nails.

You know me by now.
And how I am moved by history and the art of day to day life.

What I find most interesting is that this place, meant to house those who were to be put away, there was still a pride in workmanship.

It's what draws me to the artisans of today.
Those that still take pride in their work.
Because, guess what, if you are lucky enough ... someone might have the opportunity to see your work in about 200 years.

What will your legacy be?  

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Day at a Time.



New York City

I could smell it as we turned the corner ... it drew me in ... 
fresh paint on the old iron gates that decorate New York City.

The girls and I spent a quick 2 days in the City and as many times as I have been in that electric city, I have never really SEEN the iron gates as I saw them this weekend.

Something about this trip that made me notice.  
Perhaps the Fresh Paint.
Perhaps the Sunshine.
Perhaps because this trip ... we had no Agenda.
Perhaps I am learning not to have tunnel vision. 

My vision of Iron has evolved.  

The scroll work.

I wonder how many times have these been painted?
And by how many different people?

It took the smell of fresh paint to make me notice.
Little does the owner know what joy his/her labor gave me.

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Serene Summer end ...

September 11 always brings emotions to the surface.  
As we approach the day thoughtfully,
Summer has come back in one last gasp.
Perhaps it's nature's way to snap us into attention.

It's going to be in the 90's here.

This image speaks to my mood.

Full of Color.
Yet Serene.
Shaded from the heat (and perhaps the world).
And the three Garden Stools as a table.  

Enjoy your day, remember all we have to be thankful for!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.