Friday Snip-its ...

This week was about me.  Not intentionally, it just happened.
This week I was blessed with GirlFriends.

1.  I got to see my Ya Ya's for the second time this summer.  
We were waiting for the last one to arrive.  All glasses and hearts were filled.
2. Visited Jill and lived her "in-town" life for a day. 
Restoration Hardware ... Large Relief as a centerpiece ... Beautiful.
3.  Still working on Dorm Living and this laser cut bulletin board was an inspiration.
4.  Purple Sunflowers at the Boston Farmers Market while walking around town with Jill.
5.  Spent the day on the Cape with Karen.  Nourishing my Soul.
6.  Fruit and Veggies at the Boston Farmers Market.  Nourishing my Tummy.
7.  I never have a good solution for my silverware for outside dining.  Restoration Hardware solved it by using small urns and beans!
8.  Old Style. BeachClub Storage Lockers on the Cape ... I love the History and Feel.
9.  Hydrangeas and Shakes. Quintessential Cape Style.

We all do what we have to do. Day in and Day out.  And some days work themselves out to bring the nourishment we need.  This was my week.  I am ever Thankful.

What do you do to nourish your soul?

Making the World more beautiful.  One Room at a Time.


Snip-Its ...

Because life has been moving in such crazy directions this summer I have been sharing weekly "Snip-its' of what has been happening.  While I have been busy with family and getting children ready for college, Design Inspiration is everywhere.  I hope you enjoy finding it with me.  Last week's Snip-its gathered some funny comments about plaid and painted brick.  I will have some follow up on those for you in the next week.  I think you will be pleased!

In the meantime, here are this week's Snip-its!

Life is Short.  So I try my hardest to take advantage of every blessed moment.

This Week I packed it in.

Erin and I drove from Sherborn to Auburn via DC, Charlotte and Scott's Antique Market.

1.  Fabulous Jewelry at Scott's.  The Chunkier the Better!
2.  Beautiful Southern Magnolias in DC.  I wish we had them in New Englang. 
Especially at Christmas time.
3.  Speaking of Christmas ... I'd love a suzani!
4. Stars of Freedom.  The World War II Monument in DC.  Breathtaking.
5. Blogging Friends Nancy and Bethany.  Wonderful Dinner with these 2 precious women!  Friendships that were formed through blogging and are now cemented. Very Blessed.
6.  Cotton.  A plea to my Ya Ya in Alabama, please pick some for me!
7.  My Scott's finds! Mini bamboo easels. Coin Jewelry. Tortoise "shell" napkin rings.
8.  Large Brass Rams Head.  He really wanted to come home with me.  He didn't.
9.  Gourds!  My Nanny had these hanging by the dozens in her backyard. Who knew?

Have a wonderful weekend ... Make the most of your life's Snip-Its.  
Sometimes it's all we get!!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.