And then, there was this ...

This Union Jack Rug was in several colors ... The Nomadic Trading Company takes Vintage Rugs and over-dye them to create a new look.  Finding a new way to re-purpose old rugs.  I love this.  There was a Union Jack in Orange.  I am still wishing it were mine.

Red. Stunning. Different.

Wonderfully soothing patchwork.

For the Pink Movement.

Just another reason I love Brimfield ... a place to discover and see the old become new again.



Before & After ... The Reveal!

Yesterday I posted about a tv room and window treatments in a little Before & After Scenario.  Well ... I was a slightly disappointed in the post because I didn't have a final photo of the whole room.  You see while we were making things beautiful ... my client and her family found their dream home and decided to put this home on the market.  That can certainly put the skids on a design project!!  I considered calling her up and asking her for a final photo ... but felt she had much more important things to do while getting her home ready to sell, than have me stomping around with my camera!

She saw the post yesterday ... and sent me these photos to share!  Remember the Ballard Design Inspiration Board?  Here's how it turned out ....

Remember the Before photo?

And the official Realtor's photo ... it's a really cute house ... if you are looking, you should come see it!!

One of the best things about my job is making people happy ... It's what keeps me going!