Paris ... in the Fall

We are considering it ...

Here is what we are finding:

This is Pinot:

 Cote de Beaune:

Le Fleurie:

Now, here's the thing ... these are all basically the same price as having a hotel room for that many nights.  And, we MAY cook in ... our interpretation of cooking in might be stopping in at a little boulangerie for a charcuterie and a couple of nice bottles of wine.  Which is perfectly fine by us!  

What would you do on this Travel Friday?



La Grange de Piaugier, Cotes du Rhone - 2009

this would be vin ordinaire if you were sitting in a cafe in Paris on a sunny fall afternoon...and it's amazing. Grape Popsicle in color with a long dry finish that lasts a full minute. Hints of pepper, spice, dark cherry and leather, surround your palette and immediately take you to that small cafe in Saint-Germaine-des-Pres or Montmartre where Hemingway, Lutrec, Steinlen and countless others spent their days quaffing the wines of the Southern Rhone and chatting about all things Belle Epoch. I love everything about this wine honestly and one of the very best things about it is it's price tag. $11.00. Even the bottle brings back memories of Paris. Take a trip back in time and buy as much as you can get your hands on, it is amazing!

Life is short.  Enjoy the wine.


Even the dogs have style ... in Paris!

This is Lyon ... pronounced Lee-ON!   We met in a little bistro-cafe at the Marche aux Puces ... flea market ... in Paris.  It was a cold December afternoon and we stopped into this little place for a glass of wine and to warm up!  Lyon is the pet of the owner of this cafe ... Actually, Lyon runs the place ...  If you are lucky, he'll take a seat at your table and join you for a latte!  Doesn't he just ooze Frenchness!!!

Here are a few fun finds on this lazy afternoon stroll ...

Here's how they do "painted furniture" ...  So simple, So beautiful.

Not surprisingly ... Beautiful French Chairs ... EVERYWHERE!!  If only Don would let me buy a crate to ship them all back!!! 

Can you imagine a home with entry gates like this ...

Look at the blue velvet settee in the corner ... ohhh how I wish I could get these things home!

We've only brought "carry on's" home ... but had the most wonderful time dreaming about how we would use all the fabulous things we find ... we would need several new homes, by the way!  

Au Revoir, Mes Amis!  Have a wonderful weekend!