The Imperial Suite!

Last Sunday, Don and I took advantage of our kids' Spring Break to take a little getaway! Kids were all busy ... we had 3 days to ourselves.

I had never been to Palm Beach, so when Don suggested we head down to the Breakers, I thought ... Sure, okay!  Then I started looking up antique and design shops and got more excited.

As most of you know, Don is in the hotel business, which makes traveling with him kind of fun.  No ...  REALLY fun!

Welcome to the Imperial Suite!

Powder Blue and White Zebra Linen.

The Details ... which I've been talking alot about recently.  The striped wispy linen drapes over a beautiful set of linen drapes with blackout lining.

Oh Yeah, the Master's was on when we arrived!  Don was watching Golf .. I was studying how clever the two tall lamps on the floor instead of on the console table!

Mirrors and White were everywhere keeping the space clean, light and just a touch of glam!

The Ceiling Detail.  Tray Ceiling, deep moldings AND a detail ON the Ceiling!  Who says Less is More!!

Yes, please ... Step into the Bedroom!

Upholstered Headboard ... just ramped up the ordinary, wouldn't you say?

The Bathroom brought in the dark, warm woods ... 

The View from the Shower!

I have more to show you next Friday ... but I will tell you ... we only had 3 days.  Once I saw how wonderful this place was, we planted it.  Right there on the Beach ... Just an excuse to have to come back!!  We took advantage of every precious moment right here ... Enjoying the NOW!



Estee Lauder ... A Classic

We have had a little reprieve this week and I have become intrigued by my surroundings.  I grew up with Estee Lauder. My Mother thought these little perfume compacts were the Bomb.  Or whatever she called it at that time.

We gave these to my "Aunts" every Christmas.  

Having these memories brought back, I thought I'd take a peak into Estee Lauder's Palm Beach Estate. These photos were taken after her daughter-in-law Evelyn Lauder took over  the estate.  

While "Severe" I love the White versus the "beige" seen elsewhere in Palm Beach.  It makes such a grand statement ... I was able to "peek" into the fence to snap this photo:

Back to the official photos ... 

The Floors and the Yellow walls bring in the Sunshine and Glamour!

These Images were published in 2000 ... 

This Classic Kitchen was kept pretty much the same as when it was built in the 30's.  I love it!  It's Perfect!

Again, the balance and style of this room ... Timeless.  The pops of Yellow in the lamps make it for me!

Grand Spaces with such staying Power.  This one rocks it.  I love the use of the mirror to make the space seem even larger and brighter!

And who could resist this?

I hope you enjoyed the tour of the Estee Lauder Estate in Palm Beach ... I wish I could get "inside" ... I will keep trying ...and you'll be the first to know if I do!!