ORC Linking Event … Week 3!

 Linda is shaking up homes everywhere while Design Addicts like me are running around like crazy to complete One Room in Six Weeks!

Click here to see how I earned the "Go Ahead" from Don to tackle yet another project.

Then Week Two.  I didn't post because I was at HighPoint Market and my head was so spinning on a Design High I couldn't go down into my ugly space.  It was a slap back into reality like none you've ever known!

Here's the space … You can feel my pain I am certain!

The previous owners had used this 7' X 11' space as a darkroom and left me with all the chemicals.

First things first, get a hazmat team to come take it all away!

Then I had to empty the room of all the leftovers from my previous office.

While Pipes were being cut and chemicals removed I set about turning Callie's old desk from Pottery Barn into this show stopper … 

Need I remind you that we live in #ProjectDownSize.  I am giving away furniture left and right, so no PURCHASING of furniture is allowed!!

Object 1 that no ORC of mine would be complete without?

 Spray Paint.  

While I have you in the spirit of re-using and repurposing things … 

I have had this Ballard's SeaGrass rug for almost 8 years and nowhere to use it in #ProjectDownSize.

It has taken on a new life as Wall to Wall SeaGrass!

I know you are completely envious of my Built-Ins!

Object 2 that no ORC of mine would be complete without?


He thinks is hair is still Brown.  We let him.

TA DA … 

Nothing about this post was pretty … but the pretty is coming I promise!

Next week is all about lighting.  If you follow me on IG you've seen the light fixture I snagged.

I know, I'm not buying any new furniture.  I didn't mention anything about lighting!

Next week To Do's:

Walls need to be addressed.
Lighting Hung.
I need a Ceiling.  The Pros will be coming In.
Working on my BookCase/WorkArea/Storage Situation.

Hope you are checking out all the other Linking Participants!

Doing my part …

Making The World More Beautiful. One Room at a Time.



Monday Morning Push!

Happy Monday and Thanks for hanging in with me!   ... the past few days have been kind of a whirlwind with family and Easter and wrapping up a couple of projects ... trying to get the finishing touches on.  

I have been a horrible blog friend and haven't checked in on my favorites ... I am going to be busy catching up this week ... I know I have missed alot of creativity going on!

The Monday Morning Push is to wrap up a few projects.

So today, I am shopping to finish up an office space ... I showed you the Raw Space here.  

This week the office Goes To Work!

Details like this ... 

Spray Paint Is Coming out for some vase and dog transformation!

Texture and height for Bookshelves.

More Color and Punch.

This space wraps up today ... and I will bring you the full Before and After later this week!!

Then back at the home front.  Remember this?  Yep, my inspiration fabric and tile for my powder room.

I think this was over a year ago as well.  So it has changed!
I will always love this Quadrille pattern, and tried to order it in wallpaper.  Then I decided on Shrimp!
It is available, but only on a special order ... which costs more.  And when you order a special RUN, you have to have a minimum number of rolls.  I can justify alot of things.  But I just couldn't justify the cost involved for this little room.

So ... Plumber came, Toilet and sink are OUT for prepping walls and new floor!

Remnants of the past hiding behind the toilet!  I'll keep the new wallpaper a surprise (being hung on Tuesday!!).

Statuary White Marble Floor with Platinum Grout.  I am loving it.  I pass by and peek in.  Then have to run upstairs to actually use a bathroom. 

Because, here is my Toilet!!

In the Family Room, in front of the fireplace and showing you my lanterns with Christmas balls still inside.  I just thought they were still adding a little sparkle.  I will remove them when the toilet goes!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter ... and if you don't celebrate I hope you enjoyed the Sunshine and birth of Springtime.  We head to the "Pond" in town every Easter for a Sunrise Service.  It is early ... but such a treat ...

Here's to tying up loose ends this week!  I feel pretty energized and ready to go as the weekend was full of Sunshine and Family celebration!



The Wall of Illusion ... ORC Week 3!

One Thing I'll Say about Linda and the ORC.  She gets her ORC'ers Ready, Committed ... and Motivated.  Good Thing. Because the Challenge is BIG and I needed the Push!

MY Illusion-Office is becoming a Reality.  Go Visit the Disaster To see How this all started!

About five years ago ... I got my own toolbox for Christmas.  I know, probably doesn't sound like much to the average girl.  One of my best presents ever!!  Don got tired of me stealing his tools ... well, now I don't have to, and DARE him to touch mine!

But I did swipe this air compressor.  
Woman with an Air Compressor and a Staple Gun.  
Don't get me MAD.

Last Week Paul and Joe built my Wall.  Now the fun part.  Since I chose this fabric, I need to prep the plywood.  Fabric straight on board is stiff and hard and doesn't look friendly.

So ... Batting up The Board.

Batting Hung.
Fabric Hung.
Trim Wainscoting Happening.

The Corners ... Taking Shape!

Up-Close Detail of trim and fabric.  I am thrilled with the "texture" of the fabric!


Crown Moulding.

We have some Wrinkles to be worked out.

Here's what is happening Behind the Wall:

ArtWork ... HomeMade
I NEED 2 Cheap & Fun Chandeliers ... HELP!
Painting The China Hutch - UGH!
Organizing ... hasn't even come into the Picture!

Go See what is happening with all My Other Creative ORC'ers!!