ORC - THE Reveal!

What a FRANTIC six weeks it has been (okay, really seven ... Thank Goodness)!

Before I get going here with fabulous photos and the REVEAL... I have to say a HUGE thank you to Linda ... without her and this challenge ... I would probably still be sitting here.

Knowing what I know now.  This gives me the Shivers!!

I have been working in my basement for 5 years ... and truly hated going "down" ... so I tended to drag things up to the dining room or kitchen table.  This was a mess and kept me very scattered.  I am so happy to now have a place worth going downstairs for.  I smile whenever I walk in.  I really wanted and needed a huge punch of color and fun.  

My Inspiration Board

The Space is Dark ... There is only one little window that looks out to a metal drain in this area of the UNFINISHED (thus, my Illusion!) basement. I tried to LIGHT the area but kept getting flash back and reflections in the china hutch ... I hope you can appreciate the space with the low light!!

If you have a Brightness button on your computer ... Turn it Up Baby!!

To start at the Beginning ... 
An Unfinished Basement ... Drab ... Until Now!

Okay ... I'll keep my mouth shut and let the photos speak!

I have a disclaimer ... my chandelier is not working.  I found out that the wiring was faulty.  I will be taking it to get re-wired and once it is working will show more photos to you with it Shining Bright!

The Beast ... Tamed
The Illusion ... My Reality
Happiness ... Achieved

Please check in tomorrow and I'll give you some of the details that made this space all come together!

And don't forget to check in with my Challenge Partners.  I am so blessed to be able to call them my new Blog Friends. These are some Talented Ladies, My Friends.

Go!  See!


The Wall of Illusion ... ORC Week 3!

One Thing I'll Say about Linda and the ORC.  She gets her ORC'ers Ready, Committed ... and Motivated.  Good Thing. Because the Challenge is BIG and I needed the Push!

MY Illusion-Office is becoming a Reality.  Go Visit the Disaster To see How this all started!

About five years ago ... I got my own toolbox for Christmas.  I know, probably doesn't sound like much to the average girl.  One of my best presents ever!!  Don got tired of me stealing his tools ... well, now I don't have to, and DARE him to touch mine!

But I did swipe this air compressor.  
Woman with an Air Compressor and a Staple Gun.  
Don't get me MAD.

Last Week Paul and Joe built my Wall.  Now the fun part.  Since I chose this fabric, I need to prep the plywood.  Fabric straight on board is stiff and hard and doesn't look friendly.

So ... Batting up The Board.

Batting Hung.
Fabric Hung.
Trim Wainscoting Happening.

The Corners ... Taking Shape!

Up-Close Detail of trim and fabric.  I am thrilled with the "texture" of the fabric!


Crown Moulding.

We have some Wrinkles to be worked out.

Here's what is happening Behind the Wall:

ArtWork ... HomeMade
I NEED 2 Cheap & Fun Chandeliers ... HELP!
Painting The China Hutch - UGH!
Organizing ... hasn't even come into the Picture!

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And ... We're On ... ORC!

First and Foremost ... Thanks to My Blog Peeps!!  Linda, My Crafty Home Life,  for the Fun!  and Jennifer at TPP for this Fab Banner she created for us!!  She rocks!

And all TWENTY Participants!  Over the Next SIX weeks, we twenty will be completing a room project.

My Challenge ... My Office ... You've seen my Inspiration.  And here is My MOOD Board ... Can you feel it?

You know I love my inspiration Office ... LOVE IT!!  However, I know Me, and Me NEEDS color.  So here is my interpretation. And I know some of y'all are OVER chevron.  
Well, I am NOT.  And IT is included!!

My Inspiration/Goals:

Tangerine Tango:  Last Year's Pantone Color of the Year.  MY color for Life!
Natural Elements:  I currently own a large pine table that will be my desk
China Hutch:  Bought one from MY Client ... she was ditching ... I retrieved!  It needs work.
Chair:  I need One.  On the Hunt.
Two Chandeliers:  I currently have two lightbulbs. On the Hunt!
Pagoda Lamp:  I have wanted since this.  I now OWN it and it needs a Home.
Walls:  No, I don't have any walls.  I am working on that!!
Organization:  This is the Year.  I Swear!

Do you want to see what I am starting with?
 Get Ready, This is not pretty ... and No, this was NOT Staged.  
This is My Real Life.
Which is exactly why I have been relegated to the unfinished Basement!

Now you know why I Needed this Challenge and Need HELP!!

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Promise you won't be disappointed!!