Neiman Marcus + Target

I am not really certain what this was all about ... but it was WIN for me.  Did you see the Target things in Neiman Marcus or the NM things in Target over the holidays?  

Pretty clever marketing ... I guess ... I hope it worked for them!

So as you know I have been on the 'tray' shopping circuit lately ... one of which I needed was for ME!  I was running in Target last week and spied these pretty glam cocktail shaker and high ball glasses.

Then it took me a minute to focus ... what is that TRAY underneath those fun glasses????

Original Price $79.99 ... It came home at $39.99 ... I was pretty psyched.  Now YOU can have it for $23.99.  

Here it sits in my "new" sunroom ... still in progress ... this sure brought a little sparkle in!!


Thank you TargetNeimanMarcus!!



Chicken "Beau Coop" ... Thanks NM!

Well, now you all will know ... my obsessions with Chickens ... this is Really Why I want them!

Another space to create ... I have always believed that every Room in Every home should have something Living in it!

I happen to like CRITTERS!

If I needed a break, I could go live with them.  I keep talking about down-sizing!!

Most people stick with a Plant.  I like LIVING things ... besides the people!

Christmas Book!

So in order to have a Chicken "Beau Coop" ... I have to have the Chickens!!

But I'd really be okay with just the Beau Coop!  Have you ever done something crazy as a means to an end?  I really am going to stop myself on this one!!



Feeling the Blues at Neiman Marcus

I was cutting through Neiman's running a couple of errands and found myself snapping photos and trying not to feel too sketchy while I was in awe of the home decor department in Neiman Marcus. I forget about it truthfully.  And always assume NM's prices will be too high ... well I was pleasantly surprised.  Yes, there are some beautiful expensive items ... but mixed with quite a few more price friendly options ... Feast your eyes! 

And if this wasn't enough, I was shown how Hermes does Blue and White ...


With a fantastic POP of yellow.  Can you say bring on the Summer!!!! Okay ... this one is the pricier ... duh.  Have a wonderful weekend!