Master Bedroom Inspiration

I hope all the Mother's out there had a wonderful day yesterday.  It was glorious here … the weather was perfect and the kids made a dump run for me.  

You have no idea what a gift that was!!

While in reality I am still trying to complete my home office and the kitchen cabinet painting, I am dreaming of our master bedroom potential.

I do my best design work while working on another project.  Seriously.
This is how it happens.

While I am working on a project, for a client or myself, I design the next project.

Now, this doesn't mean I am not focused on the current project, it is just like my mind finds this little space to run wild and it does!

So … here are some images that I have in mind for our new master.  Each room has an element I would like to include.

A canopy or "cocooning" element of some sort.
Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Mirrored Closet Doors.  Elegant. Feminine. Sexy.

Frank DelleDonne

More Cocooning Options.

Penelope Bianchi

We are dealing with windows that are not centered on our wall … I envision a window treatment to hide the windows but still allow us to open the curtains when we want to.

Albert Hadley and designer Harry Heissmann 

We don't have a lot of space, but I would love a sitting area at the foot of the bed.  I love this little tufted sofa and chair.

I won't begin on this room for quite some time … there are too many other things demanding our attention right now … but just so you know where I am beginning …

These 2 Armoires from that I found while following Parker Kennedy on InstaGram when Lance was doing a little shopping and posted them.  It took me all of two minutes to dial them up … I NEED these.
And they are patiently waiting in our room to be the star of our MB show!

Happy Monday!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Our Home ... Master Bedroom

 Last week I made a commitment to show you our home.  I am thrilled to invite you in ... but please keep in mind ... this is a work in progress! 

Come on In ... 

Don't worry about taking your shoes off here ... we have lots of dogs ... they run barefooted!

I am taking you straight up the stairs to the Master Bedroom!  

You are going to have to use your imagination with me here ... this was the bedroom when we bought the house.

EW.  Sorry, just old and lacey.  You know I love antiques ... but I need to lighten them up with some other fun things.

I should also add that when we bought the house ... everything was Green.  


Stay Focused here ... Below is the Sitting Room ... 

The Original layout brought you in the Sitting Room, then a small walk in closet was behind the sitting room and then you turned into the separate bedroom (above).  

We declared this weird and also Sammy was very little when we moved here ... she really couldn't find us tucked behind all the doors!

We blew out the walk in closet and turned the Sitting Room into our Bedroom.  

We still have the sitting room it is just IN our bedroom ... much better.  We would have NEVER sat in that little room!

So here it is now ...

Yep, we are TV watchers.  I cannot lie.  And the Chairs ... need slipcovers.  They are Raw.  I cannot make up my mind on these, so they just SIT!

And at the other end ... our Bed.

I found the Chandelier at Scott's ... you know the Lady with all the French Antiques in the Back (I think it is the South Building).  She's one of my favorite booths to visit ... If only I could just rent a truck and bring a haul home one day!!

Notice the 3 windows on the back wall.  When we removed the closet there were no windows.  We opted for this rather than two traditional windows on each side of the bed because the room is narrow.  Plus I think this gives us a little more light!  One Day I will add window treatments.

As you take this tour with me you will learn that Don and I love Art.  Of all kinds, we like Contemporary, Traditional, French, Folk ... some we splurged on ... some we bought from emerging artists that are more affordable.  Some our Kids made.
I have said this in the past ... and will say it Again. And Again. I am a fan of REAL art.  Whether it is a Fine Painting from on of the Greats or a Self Portrait from your child.  Art needs to be original and speak to you.  Don't buy it because it MATCHES!!  Buy it because you LOVE it!

One of the first things we did was add the bookshelves.  They make it warmer and more cozy.  They tend to get shuffled around frequently as I add and take away.  

This is how they are today.
You may remember the Clock I swiped from Alice!

Don's a wanna be Rock Star (thus the guitars!)  ... suits me, I'm a wanna be Country Music Singer.  We fit perfectly.

Okay ... so remember the Original Bedroom above??  It is now our Closet.  Yeah, pretty jazzed about that!  We'll be taking a look at it and the Master Bath (pretty tiny, but still room for Art!) next week!

Thanks for stopping by to say hello!  Next week I'll let you peek into my bathroom and closet!  Enjoy your Week!!  Kids are on break this week ... we're having a little R&R ... will share more on Travel Friday!!



Sweet Dreams!

I am starting to obsess over bedrooms ... I have had this bedroom image on my desktop for over a year.  

Why it draws me in ...

Feminine but not Prissy.
Controlled Clutter (my favorite)
Soft Purples ... just a touch.
Slim Lines on the Side Table and Bed
Neutral ... with Pops of Color

Our Bedroom ... is a little more masculine and we have used darker colors.  I do think that I am in the Mood for a change, and this photo has been the spark to get my bedroom spirits brewing!  Don't tell Don ... he has not been brought in on this little secret! :) 

Monday I'll be taking you inside the Red Door and ... maybe ... we'll start with the Bedroom.  Kind of weird, who answers their front door and says ... "come on up, let me show you my bedroom!) ... We'll see!

Happy Friday!  It has been a long week around here and we are ready for a Friday Night Cocktail!!



****I am 90% certain I copied this image from a Designer's website, Can anyone help me give proper credit?****