Going for Gold ... And White!

As I rule I generally wear Silver jewelry.  I am a creature of habit.  I have a uniform of sorts and I like a routine.
I tend to wear the same earrings, bracelets and rings every day.

I do like to change up my watch now and then.

But when it comes to interiors ... I lean to Gold.  

Especially in our dark winters ... I need the Warmth.

What I love about these spaces is that they are completely Liveable.  

Yes, a touch of Glam ... but just the amount to suit me.

Source Unknown

And While I have always admired others in Lilly, I feel a little FAKE in the pink and green.  It just doesn't feel like ME.
I'm far more comfortable in my jeans and cowboy boots.

But a girl does like to get dressed up on occasion and Lilly has given me THIS!

Now I can rock some Gold and White. 
Quite Comfortably ... and would probably pair it up with these.

1. If I had all the money in the World ... Bag.
2. Love the Flip Flop for Summer.
3. The High. And the Low
4.  And because I like a Collection.

Lilly, you've given me a Classic I can Embrace!
Going for the Gold Today!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Orange and Emerald ...

The chair brings the Orange.  Nature brings the Emerald!

This chair literally fell together!  I love it when this happens ... it was a no-thought come together of the best kind!

Hopefully you remember the day I found the skin ... one of those purchases that I truly had no idea where it was going to be used.  Just knew it needed to be mine!

Once I made the decision to use the leather on my chair, I wasn't entirely sure what fabric I wanted on the pillows to complement my chair.  And I wasn't pressed to make a decision which is always a good thing!

And this happened.

The blue/white print is from an old Lilly Skirt that I had in a pile to go to GoodWill.  I loved that skirt, it was getting a little short!  I just glanced over one day while doing the laundry and decided it needed to be a funky little pillow!

I call it Preppy Zebra!

I also didn't want to lose the "spirit of the skirt" so I left the little brass button and pocket!

Then the crazy popular Chiang Mai Dragon fabric.  I was in my upholsterer's workroom one afternoon a couple of weeks ago and saw this:

Well, I stopped in my tracks ... this is beautiful ... what a lucky person bringing this home.  Ha Ha, fooled me!  It was already used and done.  This sofa was in for a little facelift of it's own to become leather.  

Well ... hmmm ... what are you doing with the fabric when you pull it off?  I asked.

Um, can I have a piece?

Well ... sure ... and here it is my "vintage" fabric pillow.  

Couldn't be happier!!

My throw is a vintage Kantha quilt ... it is so soft and HUGE!  Was purchased to use on our hammock.  But now it is the true traveling blanket!

Yes, the chair will reside in my Illusion Office ... but if I could, I would leave it right here in the grass ... isn't it lovely?

Murphy gives a nod of approval ... the chair brought him out into the heat for a few minutes ... then he disappeared back under the deck into the rocks!  Poor Guy, the heat is really killing him.

Last week brought together my ya ya's and their families.  My Family.  We have been spending a week together every summer for 17 years.  We each come away relaxed, loved, and re-juiced for the next year!  
I have been blessed by their friendship, thank you my dear friends!

Thank you for hanging in with me and continuing to check in! 

Making the World more Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Lilly's Dragon!

Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year.  "The 2012 Year of the Dragon is favorable for the establishment of family, the birth of healthy and smart children.  During this period we should be bold and not humble."  

Lilly Pulitzer takes the meaning to heart and has begun this year Bold ... Not humble.

Hot Pink:

Navy Blue:



All Images - All Lilly

While 2012 is good for birthing smart children ... I'm a little (LOT) passed that.  So I am going Bold ... Not Humble.

How will you go Bold this Dragon Year?  Happy New Year!