More HPMKT2014 Inspiration … and what came home!

All those who share my love for animal print and hides … 
Let me put your mind at ease.
It is still hot.

And I would like to say, that while the "hide" has been a trend of late … it is classic … Hides and Animal patterns have been used in Interior Design Forever.  So no fear of it growing old.  It is truly a look I will never tire of.

HPMKT2014 showed me a few new twists that I think you will like!

"Skins" on everything! This is a lamp Base.

Leather. Wood. Brass.

Yep.  Something for Everyone … 

But back to my preference … 
Emerald with Brass Nailheads.

Turquoise with Chrome Nailheads.

And the Pièce de Résistance … 
Zebra and Chrome.  Bring It Home!

So I didn't bring the Chair home … but found this 
Hide Pillow that looks like a Tiara to me.

And she came home.
And she's happy on my Orange Hide Chair!!

With Chrome NailHeads … by the way!!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Wall Texture ... With Brett!

Happy Monday Everyone ... I trust most of you have made it through the BLIZZARD!!  We were very fortunate to NOT lose power, but many were not so lucky.  I hope everyone gets back to normal very soon! While My family was enjoying the Snow this weekend ... 

All that White had me thinking about Color and Wallpaper.

My ORC was HEAVY on my mind this weekend.  Some Decisions need to be made. I most likely will not Take my walls up to this Fabulousness ... but it sure would be fun!

We all know I Love a Good Leopard.  And this Baby comes Quilted!

The Year of the Snake ... Could I go Pink?

Or Perhaps Lavender?

Or Shagreen?
Wallpaper makes some people a little nervous.  It seems like a Tremendous Commitment.  And those of us who love Design ... seem to have a Hard time Committing!

My Suggestion ... Find the smallest space in your house, like a Powder Room, or a Hallway and Go For IT.  Then I promise it will make you SMILE!!

All Papers Courtesy of Brett!

What space have you Punched Up lately?