Not your Momma's Blue and White!

Jennifer of The Pink Pagoda Fame is hosting a Blue and White Bash today.  She is asking all bloggers who love Blue and White to link up to her Blog and show their stuff!

Well ... y'all know me ... If I am going to have a little Blue and White ... it is going to have orange in play and also a punch!

So here's my "Not your Momma's Blue and White Story" ...

Bold Wallpaper, perhaps just on one focal wall, BOCA is my choice.  Then you have to join in on the Highly Saturated LACQUER Blue Walls.  And then with such Gloss, you have to have sleek WHITE.  I can see this board used in a bedroom, with two beautiful X-Benches at the foot of your bed covered in ORANGE zebra.  Of course to match the PAGODA mirror. Or then perhaps you would like this mood in your Dining Room and the fun DARYA fabric could grace your chairs.  Or back to a large round lumbar pillow on your bed.  Then the CHARTREUSE chair ... just because it looks hot.  And it mixes things up.  I like to mix things up.  And a nod to settle the whole damn look down, two arm SCONCES ... sleek and simple!

Pop over to TPP today and link up your favorite Blue and White ... or just see what is inspiring everyone else!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



English Country Chic ...

I like to think that I am "French Country" which is funny ... because I am probably not.  But I love the look and do my best.  Then I am drawn to images such as these and I realize I must have a little "English Country" in my soul.

And let me tell you ... this is NOT Your Old Lady English Country ... Dig the railheads on floral!

Mix and Match Chairs ... and that was NO random mix and match!  Do you understand the thought process that must go into that relaxed look??  It's like the make-up you have to put on to achieve the Natural Look!

Warm. Fresh. Timeless. 

Crewel has always been a favorite of mine.  It brings Color, Texture and Life to linen!

Mixed with Red and White.  I love the very Perfect Randomness here!

A litte Fox in the Garden.  Yes, we had a "couple" of Fox's that lived in our front yard last Spring.  So this is particularly sweet.  They brought us gifts of dead mice every few days ... We appreciated the help and they were happy they had paid rent!

I know it's a little fuzzy ... taken with Don's i-phone.  I made him take it!!  I have to say little fox man was pretty content sunning in the front yard ... I saw no need to stir him up!!

Ever since being introduced to SeaGrass ... from a trip to the Ocean Reef Club and Joni at Cote de Texas, I am single handedly trying to bring Sea Grass into every home.  The texture is amazing and it is the perfect backdrop for Every type of fabric.

Maybe I just want to live in a place that I can plop my wingback in the Garden and never worry about it!

Lavender has made a comeback ... and Men are bowing down!!

I want some Antlers.  My Family is amused.  Don says we can have them when we own a ranch.  Now, as a coatrack ... maybe I can win this battle!!

Put your feet up, visit HERE, and enjoy the new line of fabrics and let's celebrate HOME!



Red Carpet Day!

You know how some people feel about meeting Brad Pitt ... say, or George Clooney ... or I would have liked to meet Audrey Hepburn.  

Yesterday I met MY stars!!

Bunny Williams!  Y'all know how much I love her work.  Yes, I try to channel her in most of what I do.  The Reason I try to channel her?  

Because she Rocks ... obviously.  But also, she strives for "livable" interiors.  Beautiful, yes.  Attention to Detail, yes.  Mix of elements, yes.  But Mostly ... Livable!

Bunny was introducing some of her newest pieces of her BeeLine Furniture Line.  Tables and Lamps to DIE for ... plus much more!

I was BEYOND thrilled to be invited to hear Bunny chat about Interior Design and how she does business.  Seriously, it was like a CHAT.  She was most gracious and handled all of us Stalkers quite elegantly!!

She told us about her new line and how she is involved with every step of production.  Quality.  What I try to share with my customers ... buy ONCE ... quality ... and you will keep it FOREVER!

Her Lamps.  EXQUISITE!  Along with all the upholstered pieces.  Her Design matches her philosophy perfectly.  Stunning.  Detail Oriented. Classic.  Eclectic.  Traditional.  All of BeeLine Home.  It Did NOT disappoint.

And then ... as if I were truly on a Magic Carpet ... I met Erin ... y'all know her!!  Erin of Elements of Style Blog!

  What a doll ... cute as can be ... gracious to my Stalking ... and simply Fantastic.  It was bizarre, I was telling my friend about her new house, moving from the City to the Suburbs.  And then I stopped.  Mid-sentence.  Kind of scared myself.  I think she knows I'm a very positive stalker!!

What a perfect day!  and I have to say ... Thank you Thank you to Lee Jofa and the Boston Design Center for putting such a wonderful Aftenoon Soiree together for all of us!

Ahhh ... back to reality today ... Have a wonderful Weekend!