ORC Intaglios ... My Way!

About 4 weeks ago now ... Twenty of Us Bloggers lead by the Mighty Linda began a Challenge.  
Complete a Room in 6 Weeks.  If you are new you can check out how it all began for ME.

So last week I asked you about the Art of Intaglio's.  Well ... I am happy to report that you all were pretty happy with the Art Form!  

I gave you THE definition of an Intaglio.

Now let me tell you MY definition:

Anything 3 dimensional that you love and want to keep and would love to set apart in some way.

It all started here ...

Cookie presses from my Grandmother ... housed in a little wooden holder.  Cute, I loved them for sentimental reasons, but never would have displayed them like this in my kitchen or anywhere else.  At least not in my current design mode.

I have been drawn to Intaglios and the way they are framed is one of the things that makes me love them so much.  Off to the craft store for some shadow box frames.

I could have bought plain ones, but these were about $10.00 less ... X 4.  Sold!

And because I am bringing in my Signature Color ... Tangerine TANGO!

I picked out my Favorite Four and broke out the spray paint.  

I had this left over fabric from Erin's room Re-do.  
It's my Textured Intaglio Design!

Just a little part of my Grandmother with me everyday!

They will be dressing My Wall Of Illusion!

Now here's the BEAST lingering in my Basement ... towering over me daily reminding me that I am FAR from Done with this One Room Challenge ...

Anything that stops in my path with a flat surface ... 
gets used!

These details that I LOVED ... are causing me great angst.  And the Consumption of Wine!

I have great hopes of bringing this to you in a Final Form next week!!

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The Art of Intaglios!

I have been loving the look of the INTAGLIO.  

What is it??

 A. An Engraving or incised figure in stone or other hard material depressed below the surface so that an impression from the design yields an image in relief.

B. The Art or Process of Executing Intaglios.

C. Something ( As a Gem) carved in Intaglio.

D. Printing (as in die stamping and gravure) done from a plate in which the image is sunk below the surface.



I think I am also loving the simplicity of the art form. The White matting, setting apart a textural "picture".  

Simple. Dramatic. Clean.

I'm on it!  I just might be using this Art Form for my Office Illusion and the ORC ... I am in Artist Mode.

Have you seen any particular Art Style that has grabbed your attention lately??

Please share!