ORC and Link Up!

Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare yourselves for a 
Blogging Design Star Extravaganza 
to begin!

One Week from today, Linda, of Calling It Home, and 20 designers, DIY'ers, Interior Lovers will kick off the next One Room Challenge.

Six weeks of 20 Designers changing up one room each in 6 weeks!  

I was fortunate enough to participate in the first 3 Challenges and heres what I was able to create ... 

Challenge 1:  Family Room for a young couple and their 3 daughters.

Challenge 2:  Transforming an unused room for a young family into a Keeping Room.

Challenge 3:  Creating an Office Space for me!

Let me just tell you the competition is fierce ... these participants know what they are doing and I am certain we are all going to have a ball watching them!

On October 2 Linda kicks off the official One Room Challenge.  And
On October 3 Linda invites anyone who wants to link up their own challenge to her blog can join in!  Find the details here. Take advantage of all the fun and talent and get a project done!  You will be glad you did!

I am Linking Up this year to take my Powder Room to a new level and hope to you'll join in as well as we all attempt to:

Make the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Hide ... obsession

So this week was a blur ... back from Palm Beach ... Did that even happen??? It is always fun to have a few days away ... but then do you feel like you are back peddling just to catch up?  I have two installations happening under a crunch and while it is crazy it is my favorite time of a project ... seeing it all come together. 

This also happens to me ... while out and about collecting things to finish off a space I stumble on things.

Some Not Necessary.
Some Absurd.
And some, you just HAVE to scoop up.

Like this Orange Hide ... from one of my favorite Discount Fabric Stores and in My Favorite Color, as you know!

What are you doing to do with it the lady asked?  I have no idea ... but I am NOT passing it up!

I laid it out on my Zebra rug just for you to get the SCALE of this Orange Baby!

I brought it home ... quite pleased.  And started pondering the options.

Then I had to go back ... for another piece of fabric to finish another project and ran across 
THIS one ...

Hard to tell the patina of this one in the photo ... but it is shimmery platinum delight.  I have it in mind for a client's office chair!!  She doesn't know it yet!

And then the Orange Hide ... just might make a great statement on my Bergere Chair ... to continue my journey in the Illusion!!

Do you ever stumble on something and you just can't pass it up?  No Matter what?  Did I mention it was only $75.00!!  Oh Yeah!

Have a wonderful weekend ... I am finishing up my "Palm Beach" Closet to share with you on Monday!!



Illusions ... Reality Check!

So the Big Reveal of the ORC was yesterday ... what fun and hard work took place over the past seven weeks.  I promised a follow up to give you a few more details.

Do you ever find yourself wondering ... What is Really going on around that room?  Am I looking at an Illusion?

Get Ready ... I am about to show you my Illusion and 
my Reality.
First ... This transformation wouldn't have been possible without these:

Paul and Joe ... My Illusion Wall

My GrandMother ... her Cookie Presses

My Chevron ... Chair Makeover

The Beast ... Tamed

Kerry Steele ... Abstract Art

CEKArt ... Elephant Art

The Gilded Tassel ... Chinoiserie Tray

My Tassel ... as a Tassel

Target ... Spray Paint (I got on Clearance!)

And a Whole Lot of Orange!

NOW ... the Reality ... 

Here is what I See when sitting at my desk.

Yep, the washing machine and dryer and my table for projects ... and lots of other Stuff!

Here is what I really see when I walk into the unfinished Basement ... 

My Illusion Office to the left ... the Rest Surrounds!

I still have a few little piles that need to be cleaned up ... 

The TV ... which is generally on for the White Noise and to cover the sound of the furnace! And all the other PRETTY machinery that makes the House Run!

A chair that I want to re-cover.  

Then I turn left and SEE this.  I smile ... and get to work!

So here's what you need to know ... It is possible to carve out a special area for yourself ... no matter what!!

So Go Get Your Space On!  Illusion or Reality ... 
you can do it!!

Now ... please go to Emily's blog for the 

Work with What you Have Link Party!