Friday Snip-its ...

This week was about me.  Not intentionally, it just happened.
This week I was blessed with GirlFriends.

1.  I got to see my Ya Ya's for the second time this summer.  
We were waiting for the last one to arrive.  All glasses and hearts were filled.
2. Visited Jill and lived her "in-town" life for a day. 
Restoration Hardware ... Large Relief as a centerpiece ... Beautiful.
3.  Still working on Dorm Living and this laser cut bulletin board was an inspiration.
4.  Purple Sunflowers at the Boston Farmers Market while walking around town with Jill.
5.  Spent the day on the Cape with Karen.  Nourishing my Soul.
6.  Fruit and Veggies at the Boston Farmers Market.  Nourishing my Tummy.
7.  I never have a good solution for my silverware for outside dining.  Restoration Hardware solved it by using small urns and beans!
8.  Old Style. BeachClub Storage Lockers on the Cape ... I love the History and Feel.
9.  Hydrangeas and Shakes. Quintessential Cape Style.

We all do what we have to do. Day in and Day out.  And some days work themselves out to bring the nourishment we need.  This was my week.  I am ever Thankful.

What do you do to nourish your soul?

Making the World more beautiful.  One Room at a Time.


Tree Inspiration ...

Whenever I go visit Mother and Daddy ... I always go to Parsons.  Parsons has been in Cumming, Georgia since ... Forever!  They have some of the typical gift shop items ... including Vera Bradley, Brighton, blah, blah, blah ... but what they have that no one else has is ... Christmas!  Not just the average ornaments and sterile decorations that everyone else brings out at this time of year.  They have gorgeous ribbons, candles, artificial floral "stuff" that no ACMoore or Michael's will ever be able to replicate.  There lies the problem. I can only bring so much home at a time!  Here was my inspiration tree ...

We put up one artificial tree each year along with a real one.  The kids get the real one ... it is our family tree with homemade ornaments from years gone by and new things we add along the way.  The artificial tree has become home to our collection of White House Ornaments.  Don started collecting them when he lived in Washington DC and we have continued the collection ... now we have over 20.

This year's ornament honoring Theodore Roosevelt ...

While we are thrilled to have over 20 of these special ornaments ... that really doesn't fill a tree ... so with the inspiration tree from Parsons and a quick shopping spree ...

I was able to haul 9 gold glittered hydrangeas and some beautiful "balls" home!!  I wish I had bought more ribbon and some of the fun "twigs" they used.  Maybe next year ... like everything else I do ... it will continue evolving over time!

Have a Sparkling Weekend!!



For the love of ... Hydrangeas

Blue hydrangeas are my favorite summer flower.   I wish I had a photo to share with you ... the enormous blue hydrangea that was at the back door of my Nannie Murphy's home in Alabama.  I was little ... it seemed the size of the house.  She never did anything with it ... it just bloomed and bloomed ... and right there my romance with hydrangeas began!  I was and still am fascinated by the big blooms that get so heavy they have to lay on the ground. The big blue flowers made up of teeny flowers.

And while I love the hydrangeas of Summer ... I am even more in love with the hydrangeas of Fall!  You will find dried ones everywhere in my home ... they make me smile, they get whisked around the house by my dogs tails, I am constantly picking up little leaves ... and I don't care!

These "standard" hydrangeas you have to be careful with ... you can't go along and chop down all of their blooms every fall or you will have no new blooms next summer.  I learned this the hard way!

The Oak Leaf Hydrangea, however, can be radically taken down and perform even more beautiful the next season.  I am fortunate to have good friends with an Oak Leaf Hydrangea in their yard that is enormous!  "Mr" chops it down every fall ... and calls me to take what I want before he goes at it!!  I love that man!!  So here is to this year's crop of oakleafs.  I give them to clients, I use them in my house for fall and holiday arrangements ... I save them, just in case!!

Sometimes you just have to get in there!!

The older I get I find more and more that it's the little things in life that make me happy ...  Thank you my friends for sharing your hydrangea.