Saturday SAMPLER ...

2013 makes me want to start something new ... and a nod to the past ... Samplers.  Where school girls embroidered the alphabet and characters to perfect them.  I want to share ONE Image.  A SAMPLE of what is going on in Design.  And YOU decide if you Can/Dare/Will take it further!

All week I have heard how we are OVER chevron and an uncertainty of the Pantone color of 2013!  

But Seriously ... doesn't this make you smile!!

Happy Saturday ... what are YOU Sampling This Weekend?



Favorite Find ... Society Social

When furniture meets fun and function!!  Just featured in the December/January edition of House Beautiful.

Society Social

This is a coffee table!!  and when you slide the chairs under the table it makes a beautiful statement with the bamboo like work on the legs.  Need extra space ... just pull out the chairs!  The most clever thing I have seen in a while!  Plus ... it comes in 11 colors!!!

Not only should you visit Society Social for this table ... but the other fun and a little crazy things they serve up!

This made me smile on a Monday ... This week is going to be a doozie ... I am determined to enjoy the holidays this year ... it may or may not get all done like I plan ... but it will be festive and filled with family and friends!  

I also went and told you all that I will re-do the settee in Erin's room ... and will be done by December 7.  UGH ... I must get to work!!