ORC Linking Event … Week 4

I cannot even believe we are at Week FOUR!  Linda is still calling the shots and keeping me on track! 

If you are new here, Linda organizes a semi-annual Challenge to change one room in Six Weeks.

You can check out Week 1 and 3 if you are interested.
I skipped Week 2!

And then she asks everyone to join in on their own in her Linking Event to do the same.

Perhaps because I have an entire house, also known as #ProjectDownSize, to do … 
I am just crazy willing enough to join in!

I promised last week a post on lighting and a new ceiling. 

Well here is the problem when I am not a total DIY'er.
My Electrician is coming TODAY.  He is clearly not as interested in pleasing all of you as I am.

I apologize on his behalf.  However, if you are in my neck of the woods, I'll share him.

He rocks!

So … here is what is happening that you cannot see!

You might remember the "Hide" I scored last year.  
It finally has come into it's own.

It is at the upholsterer right now.  Taking over the Toile that graced my kitchen a few years ago.  Here's the thing about chairs.  They Rock. And can be changed in a heartbeat.  Continue the Chair Hoarding.  It is a constant Giver!
And the Kravet accent fabric … well, you will just have to wait to see that little treat.

So … while you might think I am slacking off … here is the real DIY'er going on right now.  
Yes, at the same time as the ORC Linking Party.

Remember when Don told me to focus.  
You clearly know I am no good at that!!

We are painting the kitchen cabinets.

And I haven't even shared about my countertops yet.

 So I can't make it a total surprise …  they are man-made.  
Love at First and Last Sight!
I promise to share more on my finds.

You might spy my Island Top … 
But this was quitting time my friends.

Notice Don has his hand on the Kettle One.
Yep. Cocktail time.  
We do have priorities after all!
Looking forward to showing you my lighting next week!  

Check out all the linking participants here!

Making the World More Beautiful.  
One Room (or more!) at a Time.


More HPMKT2014 Inspiration … and what came home!

All those who share my love for animal print and hides … 
Let me put your mind at ease.
It is still hot.

And I would like to say, that while the "hide" has been a trend of late … it is classic … Hides and Animal patterns have been used in Interior Design Forever.  So no fear of it growing old.  It is truly a look I will never tire of.

HPMKT2014 showed me a few new twists that I think you will like!

"Skins" on everything! This is a lamp Base.

Leather. Wood. Brass.

Yep.  Something for Everyone … 

But back to my preference … 
Emerald with Brass Nailheads.

Turquoise with Chrome Nailheads.

And the Pièce de Résistance … 
Zebra and Chrome.  Bring It Home!

So I didn't bring the Chair home … but found this 
Hide Pillow that looks like a Tiara to me.

And she came home.
And she's happy on my Orange Hide Chair!!

With Chrome NailHeads … by the way!!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Hide ... obsession

So this week was a blur ... back from Palm Beach ... Did that even happen??? It is always fun to have a few days away ... but then do you feel like you are back peddling just to catch up?  I have two installations happening under a crunch and while it is crazy it is my favorite time of a project ... seeing it all come together. 

This also happens to me ... while out and about collecting things to finish off a space I stumble on things.

Some Not Necessary.
Some Absurd.
And some, you just HAVE to scoop up.

Like this Orange Hide ... from one of my favorite Discount Fabric Stores and in My Favorite Color, as you know!

What are you doing to do with it the lady asked?  I have no idea ... but I am NOT passing it up!

I laid it out on my Zebra rug just for you to get the SCALE of this Orange Baby!

I brought it home ... quite pleased.  And started pondering the options.

Then I had to go back ... for another piece of fabric to finish another project and ran across 
THIS one ...

Hard to tell the patina of this one in the photo ... but it is shimmery platinum delight.  I have it in mind for a client's office chair!!  She doesn't know it yet!

And then the Orange Hide ... just might make a great statement on my Bergere Chair ... to continue my journey in the Illusion!!

Do you ever stumble on something and you just can't pass it up?  No Matter what?  Did I mention it was only $75.00!!  Oh Yeah!

Have a wonderful weekend ... I am finishing up my "Palm Beach" Closet to share with you on Monday!!