Back in the Saddle!

Happy New Year! 

I hope everyone was safe and happy and healthy.  This has been quite a little break from blogging, computers ... really everything technical. We got moved in on the 30th and we are living in the land of boxes right now.  Floors are being refinished up in the bedroom area so we are in "Camp Kim" ... twin beds lined in the living room.  
Our family is not used to being so close! 

But We are IN!

And here's a little peak at where we are taking our kitchen ... (which by the way is our living room at this point)!

This is the Before ... 

Because things were so crazy during the Holidays and with our move ... 
I didn't say a proper Thank You.

And I do. Thank you All who continue to come back, check in on things, leave comments and who have become friends.  It has been a fun adventure and I truly look forward to what 2014 has to offer and hope you will continue the ride with me!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



The French Bedroom ...

Are you a "I want it now, I'll buy it on the internet!" kind of person ... OR ... are you a "I like to enjoy the hunt and put the pieces together slowly" kind of person?

Well .. you can get this look no matter what type you are!

For the one stop shopper, you are in luck ... The French Bedroom Company out of the UK has gorgeous pieces at an excellent price point!

And here's the thing ... you can toss in a little "glam" or fun with a fuschia velvet chair 
Or a Zebra rug ... No one ever said a French Bedroom had to be stuffy!

If you are like me (which is not always rational) and you like the hunt ... you can pick up individual pieces at the Flea and Antique Markets across the Country. My two favorites are Brimfield in Massachusetts and Scott's in Atlanta ... here's what I have found while out and about ... 

So whether you decide to take the One Stop method or engage in the Hunt ... The French Bedroom is easier than you thought ... N'est-ce-pas?