Friday Snip - It's ... all about the ORC!

1.  Monkey Soap from WOM.
2.  Flower pots and fake boxwood from Michaels ... painted by moi!
3.  Elephant via Etsy and gilded by moi!
4.  Elephant Prints from TPP
5.  ORC - BrainChild of Linda!
6.  HandTowels - fabric found and monogramed (by someone else!) and sewn up by moi.
7.  Gold Chevron Trash can and dish from here.
8.  Mirror picked up while in Lewisburg, Pa moving Callie into school! Always time to shop!!
And given a little Firecracker Love.
9.  Fretwork Ginger Jar via Home Goods with a little Glossy White to bring the girl to life!

As with all challenges there was progress, things not turning out quite the way you plan or anticipate ... but all coming together in the end.  Thanks again to Linda for pulling this all together and creating a forum for us to share and inspire and encourage!  

And thank you all for continuing to check in and comment.  Without that, I am not certain I would have completed this!

Have a wonderful weekend. Manhattan's being served on the sunporch at 7:30, See you here? At least virtually I hope!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Firecracker, Firecraker ...

"The boys have the muscles, the coaches have the brains, the girls have the sexy legs and we win the game!"

Yup, Week Four of the Six Week ORC Link up, Grab yourself a room and do it now kind of situation!  Thanks to Linda of Calling It Home ... there are a crazy lot of folks out there truly transforming a space in 6 weeks.

Let me tell you ... I know this is no small feat!  I participated in the first three ORC's ... you can see what I did here:

And now I am Linking Up to the official party. Every Thursday anyone who wants can motivate themselves to get involved.  And then once you are in ... the motivation and sheer pressure by your peers to get a move on ... well, no one can fail at this! 

If you have been checking in you know I am working on My Powder Room.

It is small ... and I am gratefully telling you that I am almost done.  Now, I've done the whole start from scratch, fill every space, etc in past challenges. This time I am counting my blessings my furniture is only a sink and a toilet.  And I liked them both ... so they are staying.  

Most of what I have been doing is what I like to call the Big Fluff ... important in a Powder Room, you know?

So back to my Cheer ... 

By now you know I went from Brown to Shrimp to Black and White.
Well, seriously?  I need color.

This week it is all about Firecracker.  You know when you start painting something and you love it so much you just keep going ... and going.  Like the Energizer Bunny.  

Well, I have a quart of Firecracker ... and maybe not the sexy legs ... but just the same I am feeling like I'm winning my own little Powder Room Game!!

Finishing touches and softness coming in next week.  Now go see what the rest of My Link Up friends are up to!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.