Word of Thanks ...

What a wonderful year it has been and I feel tremendously blessed by the friendships and support this blog has given to me.

Personally and  professionally.  You have pushed me in my DIY skills! My design aesthetic, looking both to those younger and those more experienced than me, a constant reminder of the talent out there and that I have so much still to learn and experience.

Friendships that have developed through a beautiful world of design and blogging.
I raise a toast to all of you this Thanksgiving.

And my sincere hope that I have brought some inspiration to you.

And to remember as we live in this virtual world, that it is the health and love of our family and our friendships that are the real blessings.

I invite you all, anytime, to my table of thanks and celebration.
Your visits, in person, or virtually make my day!

 I look forward with delight to another year with you all ... 

As I strive to pursue my vision ...

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.

See you all on Monday ... Peace and love and joy to all of you!



On A Custom Roll!

Yes, I am back.  With more on Custom Furniture!  

You want a Farm Table?  Of course you do ... but your space is limited ... or you have a really long room to fill.  Okay, what size do you need?

This precious family of four ... don't let them fool you! This Lady entertains the rest of her family on a regular basis.  There are generally no less than 8 people at this table a night.  And on Sunday's ... well, pull up another chair!

My New England friend, truly a mis-placed Southern Lady.  She was born up "here" ... but will find her true home in the South someday!  I have no doubt!

 She makes me smile any time I get to spend with her and working with her on bringing her family together at this table was a project I adored.

Farm tables can be found in all sorts of finishes and sizes ... but once again, when you are looking for that particular size and making certain it is Exactly what you want ... call me! 

And you might want pine with a walnut finish?  Or perhaps just waxed for a more natural look ... Or maybe Cherry! Here is just a sampling of the choices ... 

This 8 foot table out of reclaimed pine and beautifully distressed finished "black" windsor chairs ... are truly just a phone call away!! 

And I must tell you ... don't let the word "custom" send you running.  This is not always another term for "outrageously expensive"!  In fact ... sometimes you might even find that you get exactly what you want for less than you thought!!

I am still on the Custom Wagon ... Wanna Ride?