ORC Linking Event Week 6!

While I am trying to pull my office together for the ORC Linking Event … and work on our kitchen in the whole #ProjectDownsize thing … Real Life took the starring Role!

So no Big Reveal for you this week.  
However, more importantly, I did enjoy the culmination of a 4 Year Challenge that Erin took on at Auburn University. We are so proud of her and all her accomplishments!  This is a challenge that I treasure more than any … watching and cheering on in the background … our children navigating life!

I would love for you to check in over the next few weeks!  My office will get done and even in its' halfway state I am feeling so much more organized!  My assorted piles are now able to reside in one room!

Do check all the progress of the other Linking participants  and the Group of 20 ORC participants.  Their Reveals are so fun and absolutely gorgeous!

And thank you Linda for continuing to push us to make progress in our homes!

Enjoying the moment while continuing my trek to …

Making the World More Beautiful.  
One Room (or one Child) at a Time.



Fabrics and YaYa's ... no better therapy!

I like to touch fabrics.  It is kind of a sickness ... but it is also Therapy.  I love touching, feeling ... I want fabrics that not only look good, but feel good, physically AND mentally.

The three fabrics in the middle my client already has. Chair, Window Seat Cushion and MGBW Sofa  ... we are looking for a little fluff for the room. You know ... in Pillows.

Therapy day at Forsyth's ... I've mentioned them  before here ...  

I just threw them all in ... and started eliminating ... and re arranging ... quite like a puzzle ... but more than one possibility!

Then I popped over to Lewis and Sheron ... to throw in a few more superstars.

Open. Tight. Flowing.  Sounds like what I think a yoga class would be ... except for I don't do yoga.  But have thought about it and agree that it would be good for me.  In the meantime, I meditate with fabrics.

This mix and match all took place on the L&S cutting table.  They were extremely hospitable as I played and took photos and emailed my client. She was walking in the rain in Boston at the time and I filled her text message InBox with my Rambling Creations.

Enough ... I was hungry and ready for the next stop.  What I didn't expect, was to be stopped in my tracks.  You see, I will see my Ya Ya's and Erin tomorrow at the AU/Ark game in Auburn.  We have been planning this for days ... and as I step outside the door of L&S ... this license tag was parked next to me.  Yep ... a good day all around!!

We must not be the only YaYa's out there ... feeling a kindred spirit today. Except I am very envious.  I want this tag.  I think they might have noticed if I stole it.  So I didn't.


Hope you have a wonderful weekend and hope to see you all back next week ... thank you so much for continuing to check in with me!



Home Away ... For the Holidays!

I had a fun time with Erin last week doing a little window shopping.  I want the Zebra print ... I have no idea where I would put it ... but I would find a place.  It has nothing to do with this post ... other than it was at Z Gallerie ... and I want it!

As we are all "wrapped up" in Christmas and the holidays I seem to be singularly focused on getting the house ready.  But as we consider those out of town family members and friends that might be joining us ... maybe we should spruce up some rooms to welcome them ... without the "theme" of the season.

If you are needing to do a quick fix on a guestroom ... take a look at these fun ideas from Z Gallerie ... you can get this look in no time!!  Fun, full of color and festivity ... and they'll last longer than the holidays!

I would probably only take an item or two from this line ... not the "whole" look.  Even just a set of shams or the duvet cover will offer a little punch to your decor and make your guests happy!

While you are gathering up the guestroom ... a couple of things to think about.  Make it feel special, I even have my sheets ironed (at the cleaners ... I don't have time!) it makes the bed feel delightful and fresh! 

Water!  It gets so dry here in the winter that this little thought will be so appreciated!  
Martha Stewart 
Martha Stewart

Water Carafe

A fresh set of beautiful towels ... I know this sounds obvious ... but truly, have you looked at your towels lately?  I need to hit the "white sales" after Christmas!

Hotel Collection
And lastly ... a good alarm clock ... not the one that used to be yours and you shoved it along when you got the Bose ... really ... a good one!
Alarm Clock

I love having guests and family with us ... I like all the bedrooms and sofas to be full of people!  That must be why I love sleepovers for my kids ... nothing makes me happier than preparing a pancake breakfast for hungry ones the next morning!  

Soak in the family and festivities of the next few weeks ... precious moments to treasure!