More CGN!

Since I had my AHA moment (as stated by Kim@Chattafabulous .... Thank you!)  I am loving my color in neutral spaces and able to 'see color' in a way I haven't before.

This entryway is warm and welcoming and bursting with Color Goes Neutral!!

Another example how neutrals can be warm.

All photos courtesy of Elle Decor!

I still love a good dose of happy color splash.  However, these Colorful Neutrals are capturing my attention right now.  

Maybe it's the fall in the Air ... and my need of Change!

Have you changed anything up for Fall?



Kathryn Ireland - 1, Reese Witherspoon - 0

So this is how I spend my time some days ... completely racking my brain to remember something. Is it because I am getting OLDER?  Or is it because my mind is full of so many images ... 

I am inundated by all my favorite blogs and my favorite magazines ... I try to remember where I see things, sometimes I rip out pages.  But that makes me mad because then I have a stack of pages and then I flip through old favorites and they are half empty.

Organization is something I am desperately trying to work on this year.  It is not going very well.

I was reading my ED and saw this room in Reese's house in Ojai.  Oh, I Iove this room, I am thinking, hmmm.  Something is familiar ... Have I been invited to Reese's home and enjoyed a glass of wine here.  Clearly, NO!  Reese should invite me ... but hasn't.  

But the nagging.  I KNOW this room ... how do I KNOW this room?

BECAUSE!!!  Kathryn Ireland used to live in this house and this is the way the room looked when I first fell in love.  Now I will say that the painting is not my fave.  It is fine, I am just not a big southwestern fan. Still, Ireland wins this round.  I love the color warmth!  

The Room drew me IN.

So. Far. IN. That in my little brain, I think I have actually BEEN there!!  

Kids started school yesterday ... I am secretly reveling in the silence of the house.  Give me a week or two ... then I'll want their noise back!!  



Oliver Gagnère ... and an Apology!

First ... I must apologize to Madeline WeinRIB ... yesterday in my post featuring some of her fabulous rugs I referred to her as Wein"rob"!  Traveling for me is a bit upsetting ... I am kind of a routine girl.  At my parents' house we have no wi-fi.  I set up office in the local Starbucks at 6:30 am to get my start on the day.  I also have a favorite table ... yesterday, someone took my table ... you can see the havoc that began to have on my day.  So, Madeline, please understand  .... I was out of sorts!!!

On to today ... it is a cloudy, blackish morning ...  this room is calling me in ...

Oliver Gagnère, Elle Decor

It is warm and bright ... full of color, but very calm ... I'm a huge fan of the orange and lavender together ... along with the art layered on the mirror. Cool gray walls, but lots of texture to make it cozy.  The room has swagger!

Hope everyone is mentally preparing for a wonderful Thanksgiving ... be safe and happy ... and most of all, Thankful!!