HighPoint Market 2014 Trends …

Good Morning!  After a week at HighPoint Market, I have to tell you my head is exploding with ideas, images, new information, sheer design delight … I am breaking down my thoughts and photos so that I can truly digest it all and use the information to make my business better, to make my clients even happier and to really just let my creativity flow.

So as I break it down … I will share my notes with you!

Last week I shared a few clips on my Friday Snip-Its about HighPoint Market.

First and Foremost to me …

Details. Texture.  Layering.
It is Everywhere and it is coming on STRONG!
These photos represent a big departure from the 
neutral zone!

Pillow Details from ES.

I cannot remember the showroom with this sofa … it was just a prop to hold some more pillows!  Nothing was left "untouched".

Even The Doors Went Glam at Wesley Hall … 

Velvet. NailHeads. Greek Key.
Yep.  Pretty much had it all!

Chair Details were the norm … these beauties are from  CRLaine.

And then to the Divine Detail of them all … Alexa Hampton's Sofa at Hickory Chair.

Red Buttons on a Black and White Tweed.  I could Die.

I will share more inspiration and forecasting for the next round of design coming at us … but the details were abundant and it seems the world just might be ready to take a break from the all things neutral and add a POP into their homes.  Quite frankly, I am a fan … but even if you are still embracing the neutral zone … make certain to give your room texture and depth.  That will keep it fresh and current.

Happy Monday … I can help you add a little punch in your rooms if you are willing!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Friday Snip - Its … HPMKT 2014!

1.  My new friend Kelly and I won these beautiful stone bracelets from CRLaine!
2.  Even Alexa can dig a little DIY.  Loved this!
3.  Antlers go Glam!
4.  More Alexa Goodness.  Details Abound.
5.  C2 Paints Custom Colors by Barry Dixon. You are going to be able to buy them here this summer!
6. HGTV using IG to get us all on snapping photos! 
7.  Cookies mimicking these from Traci Zeller and CRLaine.
8.  Yeah, I didn't post this week.  
Next week will be Double Good!
9.  Yellow Leather and Turquoise.  Perfection.

I spent the last 5 days at HighPoint Market 2014.
I was a First timer and will be back again next year!
Thanks to all those who made the Show so successful and for bringing so much creativity to the Design World!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Friday Snip - It's ... Details to Follow!

1.  Texture is becoming a more and more important detail to me.
2.  Celebration Sushi night ... check in with me on Monday and I'll share the details!!
3.  Hardware detail.
4.  Persian rug ottoman.  I like this detail.
5.  Lamps coming into a client's home.  A detail that can't be overlooked.
6.  Beautiful Fall Day in Boston.  Iron Detail.
7.  Carved Furniture.  Without this detail this piece wouldn't be worth a look!
8.  Traditional Ethan Allen is bringing in the Fun Detail ... finally!
9.  Hand Painted Persian Box.  Color and Movement Detail.

I have been very focused on these details this week. 

Are you noticing the details?  Kind of like smelling the Roses.
Notice them this weekend!!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.