Detailing the Case Good ...

 I am totally impressed with all the IKEA hacks going on out in the DIY world. 
 I haven't taken part.  Perhaps I am missing out.

 Guy Chaddock has some detailed goods that could rock any room.  

I don't for a minute think that an IKEA hack will give the quality or feel of the Chaddock pieces ... but sure could be a way to add a little life to an old piece!  

Since my body is no longer a viable candidate for a belly button piercing, I will turn my focus to the blinging of the Case Good!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Official End of Summer ... Friday Snip-its!

1.  I started out the week Roaring ... A Force to be reckoned with!
2.  Loving my Lion Footed Planter I found at an Estate Sale.
3. Successful Dorm Move - In.
4. New Items at Holliston Antiques ... Stop by for a visit if you're in the 'hood!
5. Gold Spray Paint has become my New Friend.
6.  Mirror found while taking Callie to college.  There is another one. Hmmm.
7. More Lion love, from my visit to DC recently.
8. Salvation Army Cheap Table.  Becoming Gold. Just you Wait!
9.  I started out Roaring ... My Roar became kind of a scream.  School finally started.  Doctor's visits, Popped Shoulder for Christopher.  I think I like Football ... not so sure anymore.  I bit into a pretzel and broke a tooth.  I don't think there is anything that can make me feel older than breaking a tooth.  Really???

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend and hope you get your Roar On!



DIY for Dorm Livin'

I don't post a lot of DIY things.  Because there are alot of DIY'ers better than me!!  

But I thought I'd share some DIY'ing going on during the dorm prep that has been going on in this house.

First, you know I moved Erin to Auburn last week. 
She has graduated from the dorm to an apartment.

I would like to say how impressed I am with her interest and skills.
We have done "arts and crafts" in this house FOREVER.

She has put her skills to good use.

Her own Chevron Headboard.

The Frame we picked up at Brimfield two summers ago and she has used it to "hang" her snapshots of college life and friends.

The little chest was in my parents's home forever.  It was brown/oak. Ick.

Some Clean White paint.

   Emerald Green on the hardware.
Just what a girl needs.  Some Emerald.

The Jack Wills shams were re-purposed from her previous dorm room.  Adding the Fluff.

Then, back on the home front ... Callie and I are prepping for her FIRST Dorm Run.

She has a TEENY room.  So we are on a mission to make her walls talk.

Bulletin Board you say ... 

We went to Michaels searching the aisles.  
We wanted larger than the pre-made bulletin boards.
Thinking we would be doing a little foam core board with cork ... then how to hang it and keep it from being too flimsy?

We stumbled onto this.

A large Art Canvas.  This solved several problems.

On a wood frame ... easy to hang.
Wouldn't have to piece together foam core with tons of duct tape.
Okay ... it was $39.99. Really more than I wanted to spend.
But I have the Michael's App on my phone. Erin downloaded this for me.
Thank you.
Back to school scratch tickets gave me 25% off my entire sale.

Cork Put on with Spray adhesive.  And some extra fabric I had from my Office Illusion.

Over some batting.  I like things Soft.  Clearly this is why I don't work out.

Back inside for Orange Grosgrain Ribbon and Thumbtacks.
Bucknell's colors are Orange and Blue.
So don't go thinking I MADE her do Orange.

Spray Painted Wooden Monogram.
Hot Glued On.

TA DA ... 

 She just announced she would like a twin size headboard like her sister's.  
Guess what we'll be doing that over the weekend.

Yep.  More Arts and Crafts.  What have you been DIY'ing lately?  Please share!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.