Cottage Style

Happy Monday!  The to-do list this week is packed with client projects, personal projects (moving in 21 days), Christmas shopping.  

Lions and Tigers and Bears ... Oh My!  
I am feeling a little like Dorothy ... but I am still spinning in the tornado.  
Looking forward to a safe landing on December 30th!

As I am certain many of you will understand I have been decorating our "new" home in my head for a month now.  I have walked through every room in my head when I should be sleeping.   Over and Over.  It is exhausting. 

I pinned this little cottage over a year ago.

This image spoke to me  ... how welcoming and warm ... and I just tucked it away on my Home Board.

Well as I have been scouring images on line and in magazines for small space inspiration ... I found the INSIDE of this home!

I would like to say that we will be moving into an "old" home that has some of this character.  Seems we keep ending up with a home built in the 60's.

Nothing wrong with the 1960's by the way, 
They just don't have the patina.
I like old things.  

Notice the pop of red?  Still considering that pop for our kitchen.  
Not sure I can pull the trigger though.

Definitely working with a smaller space.

And this under the stair thing.  I definitely have a place in mind!!
With good fortune, it won't be housing some major support beam that cannot be touched.
I hate obstacles.

Antiques and Painted Floors. 

The Mirror Gallery Wall is perfect in this tiny space!

We will be inheriting a dormer wall just like this in our master bedroom.  Not certain how I am going to address that quite yet.  

But we are moving from a King to a Queen Bed.  How do you feel about that?
Yeah, I'm not sure either.

Gettin' after it  ...

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Maine Cottages

Sammy, our youngest is just in 6th grade ... but retirement seems to be a constant matter of conversation around our house.  Don, a true New Englander ... me, a true Southern Girl ... he wants Maine, I want the southern coast.... Carolina's down to Amelia Island area.  For a while I thought I had Don moving in that direction.  But secretly and stealth-like he kept taking me up to Maine on little getaways.  Then my heart began to warm up to the coldest place I have ever been!  

We have driven so many places ... round and round ... found a few places I stood firm ... no way!  Then, we found Kennebunkport ... okay, a little touristy, but a wonderful little year round community which is key.  We like to eat out ... we like to have a Friday night cocktail in a cute bar (maybe Thursday night too ... we'll be retired!). Don has promised that we will find a way to go south from January to March.  That's the DEAL!

So begins my research and fascination with Maine Cottages.  I also have to tell you the thought of having a weekend hobby and being able to "fix up" an old cottage is my idea of heaven!

This cottage is a little farther north than we will probably go ... but my sweet friends, Heather and Jim, just bought this one and shared it with me.  It came completely furnished, so these photos are "as is".  It is adorable and warm and cozy and friendly ... and look at the views!  While I know they will put their stamp and personality on this as they settle in ... they can start enjoying it immediately!

The plank walls and beamed ceilings are so beautiful!  

  Can't you just imagine sitting out on the little porch having your coffee in the morning and dreaming about the possibilities of the day ahead.

Okay ... I am cozying up to the idea ... so the search and dreaming begin!

Where do you plan to retire and spend your "golden years" ???