Finding My Summer Colors ...

I  hate to even bring this up.  But our Summer is going to be coming to an abrupt halt in the next two weeks ... Erin back to Auburn, Callie off to Bucknell and Christopher will be at Football camp prepping for a hopefully winning season for the DS Raiders!

Sammy will be the only one truly still on vacation until the end of August.  I am going to see if she'll let me hang out with her.

I have loved taking some time off with my kids and truly reveling in the warm weather.

During this time off, I discovered new colors in my life ... 

1.  Soft purple hues found in my Rose of Sharon.
2.  Coral and blues together in this Scarf Top.
3.  The Streets of Lewisburg, Pa. Bucknell Road Trip
4.  $1.00 samples of Trina Turk and Schumacher Fabrics. Whoop Whoop!
5. Mirror Love.  Coming Home.
6.  Chair Makeover - Trina Turk "Pool" Love.
7.  The Simplicity of a White Clapboard House with Black Shutters.  Love.
8.  Fun Jewelry sporting my New Blue Addiction.
9.  Corn popping up in Rows.  Summer's finest.

What are you finding out about yourself this summer?

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Emerald + Coral = Love

The Palm Beach Jewelry, Art and Antique Show is going on this week.  Wish I were there!!

Lot's of Eye Candy for sure ...


So while dreaming of fun bright Colorful Jewels ... I continued my Little Brain Adventure and dreamt up a Posh room in Palm Beach if I lived a very different life!!

All based on the two colors that make me Tick and a piece of Art I wish I owned!!


As I am writing this my hands are still a little frosty from taking the dogs out in the Snow.  Perhaps that's what makes my Brain Travel so much fun!!

Don't forget to check back tomorrow ... Week 3 of the ORC



Bring in the Clams at Brimfield!

Large Clamshells have had a starring role for a while in decorating... I do love the look, but sometimes start to shy away from something because it seems so normal or expected.  Then, with the clamshell ... I still snoop around for a good buy and see if I can't incorporate one in my life in some way.  Here's the deal, the real ones, like this one, are pricey.  Brimfield was selling large ones for $600 - 800.00.  A little  (lot!) more than I want to pay!

While looking for something "new" this weekend I came across this absolutely drop - dead gorgeous Fan Coral ... It was exactly what I have been looking for to replace the clamshell urge.  I had it all planned in my head.  I bet they'll negotiate, it is late on Saturday and dealers are starting to pack up.  

My head was wrong ... price tag: $900.00.  No deals.  I had to leave it there, I hope it finds a warm home and will stunningly grace a sideboard somewhere and be happy!  It just won't be mine!!

So ... I have moved back to the clamshell!

Look how fun for a summer bar set up ...
Elle Decor

This is my favorite way to use a shell ... for a  floral display on a dining room table or sideboard.  I think the natural roughness is a beautiful contrast to a traditional polished wood piece of furniture.

Coastal Living

So, would you pay this money ... or would you opt for the Ballard Designs Resin look alike for $129.00??  Fake and reasonable, or real and pricey?