Down - Sizing ...

I hate dark paneled walls.  Period.
But I love this room.  

Let's break it down.

Amazing Art ... which gives light, life and flow.
Fantastic Chandelier.  A little Glitz for me.
Just a little bit cluttered.  You know I like some clutter.
Layered Oriental Rugs.  I think you aren't supposed to say Oriental.  But I like them.
Traditional ... another word for Classic ... Sofa.


I could drink a glass of tea in here ... or a glass of wine.  preferably, a glass of wine.  
But I'd do tea.

It has books (maybe it is a fake book table) but I like this.

There is a green plant coming out of the fireplace.  
And the blue and white bowl on the glass table.

Perfect for me.

As we "evolve" we learn more about ourselves.  I like small spaces.
I want to be cocooned when it gets dark at 4:30 in December.
I feel my cocoon beckoning me here.
What about you?  Do you like small, cozy rooms?

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Sweet Dreams!

I am starting to obsess over bedrooms ... I have had this bedroom image on my desktop for over a year.  

Why it draws me in ...

Feminine but not Prissy.
Controlled Clutter (my favorite)
Soft Purples ... just a touch.
Slim Lines on the Side Table and Bed
Neutral ... with Pops of Color

Our Bedroom ... is a little more masculine and we have used darker colors.  I do think that I am in the Mood for a change, and this photo has been the spark to get my bedroom spirits brewing!  Don't tell Don ... he has not been brought in on this little secret! :) 

Monday I'll be taking you inside the Red Door and ... maybe ... we'll start with the Bedroom.  Kind of weird, who answers their front door and says ... "come on up, let me show you my bedroom!) ... We'll see!

Happy Friday!  It has been a long week around here and we are ready for a Friday Night Cocktail!!



****I am 90% certain I copied this image from a Designer's website, Can anyone help me give proper credit?****