Powder Room ... The Reveal!

Well, nothing like a little Group Challenge to get my butt in gear!  I have been sitting (in and) on my Powder Room Re-do for a year.  Everyone needs a Linda in their life to keep us moving along!!

Thank you Linda for the Challenge and all the ORC ladies for inspiring us all to get a room, One Room, done in 6 weeks.  This year Linda added a little Linking Party to motivate even more!  So ... with no more ado, here's my Powder Room!

This is hard for me ... but no words, just photos!  I hope you enjoy and thank you all for coming along with me on this little POTTY adventure!!

Okay ... so let's just take a look at where this started ...

If you want to be inspired even more, check in here for the rest of the Linking Party and see all the talent out there.  You are going to be amazed!

If you want to see where this little adventure began, go Here.  
I will be sharing all sources in my Friday post!

Happy Linking Day my friends!  

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Powder Room ... Week 5!

Hard to believe it is Week 5 of the Infamous One Room Challenge!  Have you been keeping up as 20 Designer/DIY'er's change up a room in 6 weeks?  
Check in at Calling It Home and see the fabulous group Linda has rounded up for the challenge

This year Linda invited everyone else with an urge to get something done, to join in!  

You will find me and around 60 others over at the 

It will truly be a Partayyyy!!  Because I will have my powder room finished!!

Lookie what I got ... 

No real introductions needed here ... but for those of you who have been living under a  rock, let me introduce you to Jennifer!

I first met her during one of the first ORC's and she is what my MIL calls a 
"Hot Ticket"!
She does the most amazing Chinoiserie prints and I have been coveting them for quite some time now.  So I had to re-do my Powder Room to make it happen!

Here is a round up of some of my favorites (besides my ELEPHANTS) ...

Can I also tell you how NICE she is??

And how Talented she is???

And you need to see what she is doing in her daughter's bedroom!!

And the prints she did for Linda's Family Room!

So ... while I am scurrying around in the background putting the final touches on my Powder Room, I am doing little cartwheels while admiring my elephants!!

You should stop in her shop!  Go get you some Goodness!!

I have also been working on my own little version of Leontine Linens ... Remember my inspiration?  Well, I have real people with real dirty hands using my towels.  So while one day I aspire to have these beautiful towels in my powder room ... for now I am doing my own little DIY hand towel.

It is starting out like this .... 

Oh my ... all to be done and ready for the BIG SHOW next week.  Thanks so much to those of you who have watched and cheered me on to finish this little room.  It is quickly becoming one of the favorite spots in my home!

Go check out the other Partayyyy girls here!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



My Powder Room ... Week 3 ORC Link Up!

Time flies when you're having fun!  Here we are at Week 3 of the One Room Challenge Linking Party.  Things are shaping up!

First things first ... last week I posted this "mood board"

Like many of you ... I feel that the Pagoda mirror rocks.  Yes, it does.
It is NOT mine!  I only wish!
Brandy had this mirror and we chatted.  2 reasons I don't own it.
1.  Too Large for my Powder Room
2.  It was $1200.00 ... Don would kill me.  But the powder room would be pretty!!

So ... if you follow me on IG ... you know what I am working with instead!

Now ... here's what has been happening this week.

MOM!!  I need some toilet paper ... 

Do you hear these words?  I can call it a Powder Room all day long.
It is a WorkHorse.
Christopher's main bathroom, the guest bathroom, the I can handle it all bathroom!
And we are always running out of toilet paper!

Some storage ideas ...

While I was in Home Goods I spied this ... hmm ...

A little glossy white spray paint and I've got the prettiest TP holder on the block!

And yes, you spy my Stroheim black and white wallpaper!

I am in love with the way it looks and cannot wait to show you the rest of the details making this space SHINE!

Don't forget to pop over to Linda's and see all the other One Room Challenge Link Up Participants!

3 weeks Down. 3 to Go!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.