Brimfield Round UP!

One of my favorite weeks of the year ... The Brimfield Antique Fair!

Last week I ventured out earlier in the week than I normally do.  I tend to go on Thursday's because I love Mays and J&J's Fields and that is when they both open.  But I decided to go on Wednesday this year ... you know "early bird gets the worm"!

My intention was to get back over the weekend to check out Mays and J&J, but real life does not allow one to go for two days!  Bummer!

Here are a few of the things that inspired me this year ... 

Large, beautifully bound books of old newspapers from the 1800's.  Gorgeous and I could see them actually used as an impromptu side table on their own ... you know, casually sitting there waiting for you to open them, but instead with your glass of wine on top! 

Love these carved wooden tables.  I call it the Rustic Garden Stool ...

We all might be getting a little bored with the large clamshell ... so now you can have a painted fiberglass piece of art instead.  I actually love this ... 

How about some petrified and glossed up tree trunk tables.  

The colors are stunning ... 

I am still a sucker for metal floral chandeliers.  This one was about 36" wide and I don't have anywhere to hang it.  A serious Crime.

I came home with 4 very large soup spoons for Don and 6 Gothic Forks for me. 

Yea ... I just downsized, remember??

Have you seen anything new that has inspired you lately? Please share!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.

xo, kim

Chair Addiction ... The Reality!

Hi My name is Kim Macumber and I have a Chair (and possible sofa!) Addiction.  And no matter how many steps I go through ... I am not certain I will every overcome this.

Some people (my Husband) might call this hoarding.  I have no idea what he is thinking.
I am saving history and being the most "green" a person can be.  Repurposing.  Whether I have the immediate purpose or not.  That is NOT the point.

So ... back to my addiction ... as I might not be the only one with this I thought I should share a little "new" source for you.  

This is a Louis XVI settee ... you know how I know this?  Well, I just know this ... but you know how I can find out things I don't know about styles and era's? I go here.

Perhaps you just buy things because you like them?  I have no issue with this.  You don't really care whether the styles you love are Mid-Century Modern, Louis XVI, or Baroque.

But maybe when you are sitting around with the gals having a few glasses of wine, you cannot imagine the delight you will see in their eyes when you announce that you picked up this fabulous Louis XVI Chair over the weekend for a steal ... they will get wide-eyed with the whole mystery of the thing.

My husband does not give me this reaction.  You need serious friends for this!

This is a 1960 reproduction of a Bergère ... that was from my parents home.  Free to me.
And when I got it ... brown paisley.  Not my scene.

The orange leather hide was a find for $85.00 while looking for something completely different.  That is when it happens.  I had no idea what the future held for it.  But then there it was.  You can read more about this chair's adventure here.  And yes, I particularly like real furniture in the yard.

Then these two ... Fauteuils which I found at Brimfield.  I paid $250 for the pair.  I didn't haggle at all.  I was a neophyte.  My first Brimfield trip and my first ever purchase there.  I was in unknown territory and I wanted them.  Badly.  

All re-done and Red Cat Like.  

Once I started getting the hang of things I started working the system. 

 I am still uncomfortable with this.  Louis XVI Settee for $300.  Scored it for $150.  Erin was with me and we found this disaster in the field.  When I was taking it apart to recover it I found a petrified mouse.  No lie.  I immediately took it to my professional.  Some things you just have to send to others. 
 I know my limit.

I had this done for Erin's room.  She loves it and I know it will travel with her through life. All remnants of the mouse are long gone.

We had it recovered (re-built!) in an embroidered white cotton to keep it fun and flirty.  The best part is that she was with me when we were loading up the car with crazy items.  This was the last piece ... we made it fit.  You can read about this here.

So ... in my beautiful world ...  she will remember our adventure that day every time she looks or sits in this settee.  The Best part.

I have been a long supporter and shopper on OKL ... but now love the fact that they are not only a good shopping resource but you can actually learn a little about all the fabulous things that draw your attention.

Makes the whole game more fun!  Thanks OKL!
Next time your looking for something specific or want to know what it is that you have and love.  You have a new resource.  Use it!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



House Tour ... the Family Room

When we moved into our Farm Road house in 2007 I had visions of a Mid-Century Modern Living Room.  You know, where you sit all pretty on a teal velvet tuxedo sofa and sip martinis with your friends sipping with you and conversing in a very interesting manner.

Here's what happened ... I'll fill you in on some of the pieces as we go ... 

Kantha Quilt.  Brimfield Find. Duralee Fabric on Windows and Pillows.

So the room sat virtually empty with only pieces of random furniture and a baby grand piano for about 2 years.

Sad, Before State ... 

Then it was Thanksgiving and we were going to be having Christmas at our house.  For two years we let the largest "living" room in the house sit unused. Stupid.

Don, the kids and I (bad grouping) went to a big box store and bought the deal of the day ... Sofa, Loveseat and a TV for $1999.00.

Yep, we did it, I was horrified and stomped through the store having my own pity party.

Art. Mike Elsass. Abstracts on Metal.

Fake, Faux, Leather Sofas.  Oversized and COMFY.  The kids couldn't be more thrilled.  Don was keeping us on a budget.  I complained that "I am an interior DECORATOR" We cannot have these in our homes.  Besides, we would be throwing them out in a year because they would fall apart and would be gross and he would be SORRY.

Note to my clients that have husbands' that won't give up the leather sectional.  I get it!  

Antique French Step Ladder.

Just because I didn't win the sofa debate ... I marched forward bringing in color and warmth in every other aspect that I could.  One day they will be gone (PLEASE) ... but I kind of like the way the room turned out!

The Faux Grouping has held up to popcorn, pizza, snacks, kids lounging in all manners and the room gets used.  While I am still on a mission to change the sofas, the room makes me smile.  

I even carved out my own little corner.

Chair, Brimfield Find.
Secretary, English Antiques, Atlanta.

This Secretary has served as an office, homework spot and all the school notebook paper, index cards, pencils etc have a nice place to live.  Thank the Lord!

Peacock Lamp. Brimfield Find. Antique Family Bibles.

The TV is over the fireplace and we NEVER use this fireplace ... so here's where I have a little fun changing up the look each season.

Brass Planter.  Estate Sale Find.

I believe we all have pieces of furniture that probably aren't our first pick.  But in this true "family" room ... we are all happy and I don't have a freak if anyone spills or puts their feet on the table.  

Real Life.

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.